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Hear Dr. David Duke and Ken O’Keefe on Iran and the Jewish Lobby

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke talk about the insanity of America’s Iran policy and shows how it completely controlled not by the interests of the U.S. but by Israel.


He then exposes an article in the Haaretz newspaper in Israel in which the “American” representative casually says after the Iran work, she shared the information with ISRAEL FIRST before the nation she is supposed to be representing: the U.S.!

Then Dr. Duke reaches Ken O’Keefe by phone in the UK where he shares his view that the only patriotic thing that true American can do is oppose the horrific Zio controlled policies of the American Government, policies that are just as destructive to America as they are to the rest of the word.

Policies subservient to the real enemy of America and the whole world: Israel. He also goes into the horrific record of Obama and how the Jewish extremists can control their agents by holding damaging evidence over their heads! Really fantastic Show! And don’t forget to share right after making sure we have the tangible support we need to sustain and expand Dr. Duke’s work!

Click here and look for the show dated 07-16-14.

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