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Hear Dr. David Duke on How Jewish Racism is Masked by the Controlled Media

Now on the Rense Radio network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke on the dynamics of Jewish racial supremacism, ethnocentrism and hard core racist discriminatory policies that are used as weapons to takeover institutions, corporations, politics, banking and the media.

They use the media they control to mask their own racism, accuse every other people of racism and anti-Semitism and then use that instilled psychological servitude of Gentiles to further implement their supremacy over non-Jewish societies.

Dr. Patrick Slattery and Dr. Duke go into the eugenics and racial supremacist founding principles of Israel and how the Jewish organizations preach one thing for Jews and the opposite to the Gentiles they consider themselves competing with.

Revealed in the program are the Jewish bragged-about-policies in Israel which are the designed to reduce the number of non-Jews in the Zionist state.

If European nations adopted those policies they would be demonized by the Jewish organizations and Jewish influences who dominate the media, but once again, Jewish racism is hidden, while non-Jewish racism is constantly blown out of proportion.

Finally Dr. Slattery outlines some of the genetic factors of why the Khazar theory is scientifically unsound.

Click here and look for the show dated 04-24-14