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Hear Dr. David Duke on Iraq, Syria and Jewish Hollywood

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archives: Hear Dr. David Duke speak on the Iraq and Syria conflagration and the role ethnicity and societal divisions as exploitable methods that the Jewish supremacists can use to achieve their often horribly destructive agendas.


He then he goes into an in-depth look into the Jewish control over Hollywood and the latest quotes from actor Gary Oldman who is deep doo doo because he dared to make some offhand comments speaking about Jewish control of Hollywood.

Of course the Jewish outcry was predictable and as did Marlon Brando before him,

Oldman prostrated himself before the Jewish Gods of Hollywood and America, begging for forgiveness.

A great discussion ensued then with Dr. Patrick Slattery on Jewish racism and why the control of Hollywood and American culture is critical to Zionist realities in the Mideast and elsewhere! Great show again!

Click here and look for the show dated 06-25-14

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