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Hear Dr. David Duke on the Donald Stering/LA Clippers “Racism” Row

Now on archive at the Rense Radio network: hear Dr. David Duke on the comments by Jewish basketball owner Donald Sterling, who in a private conversation with his girlfriend, exposed on the truth about Jews in Israel “treat Blacks like dogs.”

Dr. Duke shows how the Jewish media covered this deeply but the mainstream media was far less forthcoming on this revelation.

Then Dr. Duke goes into the great video of Gilad Atzmon’s lecture to college students in Geneva on the biology of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Dr. Patrick Slattery then joins Dr. Duke to discuss the incredible issues in the Atzmon video, and also show how the positive reaction by the audience shows an incredible awakening that is going on across the world as to the dangers of Jewish supremacism.

Click here and look for the show dated  04-28-14