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Hear Dr. David Duke Discuss the Rep. Steve Scalise “Incident”

Now available on the Rense Radio Network: Today’s show was hosted by Dr. Patrick Slattery, with Dr. Duke joining mid-show to discuss the media attention that he is getting.


Attorney Don Advo also joins the show. As a result of efforts to thwart Representative Steve Scalise’s appointment to a top leadership post in the new Congress, the media has invoked his possible attendance at a meeting in his district of an organization founded by Dr. Duke. This has led to an upsurge in attention paid to Dr. Duke’s actual words, as opposed to the caricature manufactured by the Zio-media. And this seems to be backfiring on the Zionists, as audiences of every background are being exposed to and are expressing support for Dr. Duke’s positions and analyses.

This includes the commentators on a major Hiphop website, who overwhelmingly are agreeing with Dr. Duke’s condemnation of the Zionist-backed work of rap diva Nikki Minaj and his observation that this depravity is not coming FROM the black community so much as AT the black community, thanks to the Jewish masters of the record industry.

Also, Don Advo and Dr. Slattery describe their voyages from very different political backgrounds to an understanding of the threat posed to all humanity by the Jewish supremacist attack on people of European heritage. This is an important show to share widely!

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