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German diplomat reveals Bush considered nuking Afghanistan after 9/11: Zio-Watch, August 30, 2015


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From Russia Today

US considered nuking Afghanistan after 9/11 – German diplomat

U.S. President George Bush (2nd R) is pictured with Vice President Dick Cheney (R) and senior staff in the President's Emergency Operations Center in Washington in the hours following the September 11, 2001. © U.S. National Archives
A nuclear strike against Afghanistan was on the table in Washington in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, a senior German diplomat told Spiegel magazine.

Michael Steiner, the current German ambassador to India, served as foreign and security policy aide to then-German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

“The papers were written,” he said, confirming that the nuclear option was under consideration. “They had really played through all possibilities.”

There was a concern in Berlin that the Americans were so shocked by the attacks, which claimed nearly 3,000 lives, that they would overreact, Steiner told the magazine.

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From The Independent

US police officer shot in ‘execution-style killing’ while refuelling at petrol station

 A manhunt for the suspect, whose motive remains unknown, is underway
Saturday 29 August 2015

A uniformed sheriff’s deputy has been shot in a “cold blooded” and “execution-style killing” while refuelling at a petrol station in the US.

Deputy Daren H. Goforth, 47, was shot from behind after he had refuelled his police vehicle in a station in Telge and West, Houston, on Friday night.

The unidentified gunman reportedly shot the officer from behind, walking up and then firing again when deputy Goforth had fallen to the ground.

“He was literally gunned down in what appears to be an unprovoked, execution-style killing,” Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman told CNN.

“I have been in law enforcement for 45 years, I have never seen anything this cold-blooded.”

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From The Independent

Julian Assange fears he’ll be assassinated if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy

 The Wikileaks founder also said it’s a possibility he could be ‘droned’ by the CIA

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is worried he could be assassinated if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy, where he has been in hiding since June 2012.

In an interview with The Times Magazine, Assange discussed how he believed he could be kidnapped or “droned” by the CIA.

“I’m a white guy,” Assange told The Times. “Unless I convert to Islam it’s not that likely that I’ll be droned, but we have seen things creeping towards that.”

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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Netanyahu, Italian PM discuss cooperation in Florence meeting

ROME (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Italian counterpart, Matteo Renzi, in Florence, and thanked him for his recent “historic” speech in Israel’s Knesset.

The meeting Saturday night took place in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s City Hall, and focused on international concerns including Islamic terrorism and the Iran nuclear deal, and on bilateral agreements between Israel and Italy.

“We can further expand the cooperation between Israel and Italy in technology, in agriculture, in culture and science, in fighting terrorism, in security and stability for our world,” Netanyahu told Renzi, according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

“Together we can innovate more than separate, both for the benefit of our two peoples, but also for the benefit of other peoples,” he said.
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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Israeli man injured in West Bank shooting, soldier injured in ramming

JERUSALEM (JTA) — An Israeli citizen was injured in a shooting attack in the northern West Bank.

The man, a resident of an Israeli settlement, was injured after his car was fired upon on Sunday.

The drive-by shooting occurred near the West Bank settlement of Kedumim. The driver received emergency treatment there for an injury to his hand and then was taken to Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba for further treatment, according to reports.

The car carrying the shooters continued driving to areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, Israel Radio reported.
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From PressTV

The file photo shows the entrance to Ktzi'ot Prison, about 72 kilometers (45 miles) southwest of the southern Israeli city of Beersheba.

Five Palestinian inmates currently being held at a detention camp in the Negev desert continued their hunger strike in protest against their detention without charge or trial.

Fadi Obeidat, a lawyer for the Palestinian Authority Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs, said on Saturday that the group is calling for an end to Israel’s policy of administrative detention – a controversial form of imprisonment that allows Israeli authorities to detain individuals indefinitely without charge, trial or access to counsel.

More than 7,000 Palestinians are reportedly incarcerated in 17 Israeli prisons and detention centers, many of them without charge or trial.

Obeidat said the Palestinian hunger strikers have given officials at Ktzi’ot Prison until September 1 to respond to their demand, otherwise they would stop taking fluids. He added that more Palestinian prisoners are expected to join the hunger strike after the mentioned date.

Meanwhile, there are reports that former Palestinian hunger striker, Mohammad Allan, would be transported to the Najah National University Hospital in the northern occupied West Bank city of Nablus. The news came after skirmishes broke out between a group of Israeli assailants and Allan’s relatives and supporters at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon on August 26, where the 31-year-old is being kept.

Palestinians hold flags and portraits shouting slogans during a demonstration in support of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, especially Mohammed Allan (on the poster left), in the city of al-Khalil (Hebron) in the occupied West Bank, on August 17, 2015. ©AFP

Allan ended his hunger strike on August 20. He had been on hunger strike for 65 days to protest Israel’s practice of administrative detention. Palestinians and human rights groups say Israel uses the measure in violation of international law.
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From Ynet News

Luxembourg chain pulls Israeli produce

Largest supermarket chain in the European country caves in to pro-Palestinian protests and pressure

Luxembourg’s largest supermarket chain, Cactus, had decided to halt the sale of produce until its supplier finds proof that its origin is not the West Bank.

The chain’s management caved in to pressure by the pro-Palestinian organization Comité pour une Paix Juste au Proche-Orient, which held noisy demonstrations at the chain’s stores, claiming that they sold products from settlements.
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From Ynet News

Netanyahu: Israel not opposed to Iranian civilian nuclear program

PM receives warm welcome as he meets Italian leader in Florence to discuss Iran, the fight against terrorism, and cooperation in agriculture and science.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday held a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in Florence, whre he said that Israel was only opposed to an Iranian military nuclear program, not one meant for peaceful purposes.

“Let me make clear, Matteo, that Israel doesn’t oppose a civilian nuclear program in Iran,” said Netanyahu. “We oppose a military nuclear program in Iran.”
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From The Times of Israel

IS cracks down on western Iraqi town after rare protest

Dozens tied to lamp posts, at least 70 arrested by jihadist group as a punishment for demonstration against Rutbah resident’s execution

August 30, 2015, 12:03 am

Fighters from Badr Brigades Shiite militia clash with Islamic State fighters at the front line on the outskirts of Fallujah, Anbar province, Iraq, Monday, June 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

Fighters from Badr Brigades Shiite militia clash with Islamic State fighters at the front line on the outskirts of Fallujah, Anbar province, Iraq, Monday, June 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

BAGHDAD (AP) — Islamic State militants moved on Saturday to stamp out dissent in a remote western Iraqi town, detaining at least 70 and tying dozens of residents, including tribal leaders, to streetlight poles as a punishment, security officials said.

The crackdown followed a rare street demonstration on Saturday to protest the extremist group’s execution of a local resident, they said. The protest by hundreds of residents in Rutbah, in Anbar province, was triggered by the execution earlier on Saturday of Munir al-Kobeisi, a civil servant, for killing an IS member. The killing was part of a long-running blood feud between two local clans.

Eid Amash, a spokesman for Anbar’s provincial government, confirmed al-Kobeisi’s execution and the subsequent protest.

Relying on sketchy information from Rutbah, in Iraq’s far west near the Jordanian border, the officials said they didn’t know the whereabouts of the detained residents. The militants, they said, tied two residents to each light pole and that the town was gripped by fears that the group would carry out mass executions.

Elsewhere in Anbar, much of which is under IS control, a roadside bomb on Saturday hit a border guard convoy making its way to the border crossing of Trebil on the Jordanian border, security officials said.
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From The Times of Israel

NY Democrat Serrano announces support for Iran deal

With 31st senator’s backing, White House inches closer to securing supermajority to prevent veto override

August 29, 2015, 5:48 pm

Rep. Jose E. Serrano, D-N.Y, in Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, June 3, 2013.  (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Rep. Jose E. Serrano, D-N.Y, in Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, June 3, 2013. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Democratic Senator Jose E. Serrano of New York on Friday announced his support for the Iran nuclear deal when it comes to a vote in September.

With Serrano’s backing, congressional advocates of the agreement are inching closer to approving the deal in the first round of voting, the New York Times reported Friday.

The Iran deal was “the most sensible and viable way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon now and in the future,” Serrano, who represents the Bronx, said in a statement.

“I firmly believe that the comprehensive oversight and restrictions put in place by this agreement will put the United States, and our allies, in the best position to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” he added.

President Barack Obama, who earlier this year signed on to legislation giving Congress oversight over the agreement, vowed to use his presidential veto if the deal is voted down in Congress.
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