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Gentile-Hating and Popular Chief Rabbi of Judea and Samaria Urges Killing of Gaza Civilians

The elected chief rabbi of Judea and Samaria (the Jewish name for the Occupied West Bank),  Dov Lior, has issued a Judaic religious ruling that allows the killing of innocent civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

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Lior, who is also the Chief Rabbi of the city of Hebron, and also of one of the oldest and largest Jewish settlements in the West Bank (the town Kiryat Arba, which boasts an official Meir Kahane Park and is the grave site of American Jewish mass murderer Baruch Goldstein) said in his ruling that it was not necessary to check if the people targeted are civilians or non-civilians.

The rabbi’s ruling authorizes all means of targeting the people, such as “denying supplies or electricity.” He further says military forces are allowed “to bomb the whole area according to the discretion of the army…”

“In the case of Gaza,” the rabbi said, the Israeli military officials “will be allowed to instruct even the destruction of Gaza.”

He also said that, as the Israeli army is at war with the people in the blockaded enclave, “any kind of talk about humanism and consideration are moot.”

Lior’s latest ruling (original below) reads as follows:

The Torah of Israel guides us in all walks of life, private and public, on how to behave during war and also how to keep moral standards.

The Maharal from Prague [Rabbi Judah Loew] in his book Gur Arye, clearly writes that… “in all wars the attacked people are allowed to attack fiercely the people from whom the attackers came from and they do not have to check if he personally belongs to the fighters.”

Therefore, during war the attacked people are allowed to punish the enemy population in any punishment it finds worthy, such as denying supplies or electricity and also to bomb the whole area according to the discretion of the army minister and not to just simply endanger soldier’s lives but to take crushing deterrence steps to exterminate the enemy.

In the case of Gaza, the Minister of Defense will be allowed to instruct even the destruction of Gaza so that the south will no longer suffer and to avoid harm to our people who have been suffering for so long from the surrounding enemies.

Any kind of talk about humanism and consideration are moot when speaking of saving our brothers in the south and in the rest of the country and bringing back quiet to our country.


Lior, who is officially head of the Council of Rabbis of Judea and Samaria, is often dismissed by Zionist apologists as an “extremist.” The fact of his popular support disproves this allegation. When he ran for the post of Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem he was only narrowly defeated 37-25, indicating that he has massive support among Jews in Israel.

This is in spite of—or perhaps because of, more accurately—Lior’s long list of outrageously racist comments about non-Jews in general.

For example, in the late 1980s, he announced that captured Arabs could be used as guinea pigs in medical experiments, and in 2008, he said it was forbidden by Jewish law to employ or rent homes to Arabs.

After American Jew Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 Palestinian worshipers at the Cave of the Patriarchs, Lior described Goldstein as “holier than all the martyrs of the Holocaust.”

And in 2011, he revealed the true underlying Jewish Supremacist attitude towards Gentiles when he announced that “Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring.”


Lior added that Jewish Law prohibits sterile couples from conceiving using non-Jew’s sperm, and that a baby born through such an insemination will have the “negative genetic traits that characterize non-Jews.”

There are two important issues to remember with regard to Lior:

1. He is not a fringe character in Judaism—he is a popular, elected senior rabbi, with mass support among Jews in Israel.

2. If any Gentile—anywhere in the world—who was as popular as Lior is among their own community, would dare to say such viciously racist things about Jews (for example, to say that “Jewish sperm will lead to barbaric offspring” or that it is legitimate to “murder Jewish civilians”), then the Jewish Supremacist-controlled mass media would be screaming for punishment for that person.

However, because the ultra-racist in this instance as a popular, elected Jewish leader, the mass media will black it out. If they do cover it at all, they will pretend that it is the ranting of some obscure “extremist”—while in reality it is nothing of the sort.

It is the old rule: one standard for Jews, another for the hated Goyim.

Don’t get the idea that it is only leading Rabbis in Israel. It is true also of Jewish religious leaders in Europe and America.

In 2009, on the heels of massive Israeli attacks on Gaza at the time, “American” Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi, Manis Friedman—most famous for being the rabbi who led singer Bob Dylan “back” to Judaism—announced in answer to a question posed by Moment Magazine for its “Ask the Rabbis” feature:

“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children and cattle. If Israel followed this wisdom, there would be no civilian casualties, no children in the line of fire, no false sense of righteousness, in fact, no war.”

It should also be noted that it is not just leading Jewish religious figures calling for absolutely inhuman practices. On we have another current article about  a leading Israeli academic proclaiming on national Israeli radio that Jews need to start raping the mothers and sisters of Palestinian “terrorists.”

Any American academic or public figure who advocate raping of the mothers or sisters or mass murder of women and children and animals anyone would be totally condemned and their career destroyed.

But the Jewish domination of the media in America and Europe doesn’t even allow you know about it. If any academic or Christian religious leader would advocate the raping of the mothers and sisters of Israeli army invaders, it would front page news in America and Europe.



Watch Dr. David Duke’s video of Jewish Supremacist racism below: