Human Diversity Politics

Frosty Wooldridge


By Frosty Wooldridge
July 31st, 2006

Thousands of readers of this column chastise me for not addressing what’s really happening to America. They accuse me of dancing around the elephant in the kitchen. They want me to spell it out, to expose it, to say it like it really is. Okay, here is what is happening to our country.

We’re being flooded with millions of Third World immigrants both legal and illegal. How many? Since 1965, 106 million people added to our nation, mostly by immigration from overloaded countries like China, India, Mexico and Africa. In effect, we’re paying for their mistakes. Worse, we did it to ourselves. Or, should I say, men like Teddy Kennedy with his 1965 Immigration Reform Act and other lawmakers doomed our country. We aided and abetted the destruction of our country by standing quietly on the sidelines doing nothing.

Today, we add millions from countries like Mexico and the Middle East with incoming immigrants that don’t like us. Why? Because the capitalistic engine requires unending growth, production of goods, endless markets and massive consumption! For what? Profits! Today, corporations led by money-men like former Ken Lay, now deceased, of Enron require riches beyond yours and my imagination. Did Lay show any regard for his employees? He screwed thousands of them out of millions. He and thousands of CEOs and company presidents crave money, which gives them power, which gives them prestige. Someone always guns for the crown of richest man in the world. How does he get there? He needs millions of consumers to spend their money on his products! Population growth creates wealth for a few at the top. (….Full Article Here)