Human Diversity

Native Dutch becoming strangers in own land

More than half of the youth in the big cities is an immigrant

Translation By TomKaalkop
August 1st, 2006

Voorburg (ANP) More than half of the youngsters in Amsterdam and Rotterdam has a non-western background. Although the number of non-western immigrants of the first generation decreases slowly since 2004, the second generation keeps on growing.

More than half of the youngsters in Amsterdam and Rotterdam have a non western background.

This was observed by the Central Bureau of statistics (CBS).

According to the CBS was approximately one out of three inhabitants of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag of non-western heritage. This number is much bigger as other places in the country. From the 16,3 million Dutch, almost 11% has a non-western background.

The number from out of Western Europe has in the past ten years increased mainly in Rotterdam and Den Haag. According to the numbers of the CBS is the first generation of foreigners in Amsterdam and Rotterdam decreasing. That is because the number of immigrants is decreasing, while the number of emigrants is increasing.

That the second generation is increasing in size, the CBS attributes to the big number of non-western foreigners that is in the ‘family’ phase. Amsterdam has the biggest amount of immigrant youth, about 55 %, followed closely by Rotterdam. Den Haag sticks just under the 50 %.
Source: Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant