Jayne Gardener on Standing Up to the World Zionist Agenda

The Importance Of Standing Up Against Evil

By Jayne Gardener

Alan Dershowitz once said:

“The world is full of evil people and it’s important to stand up to evil.”

I couldn’t agree more, Alan, and that is why I write this blog. To stand up to the evil agenda of the Jewish supremacists/Zionists who have sought to destroy every society in which they have dwelled.

The evilness of Zionist perfidy goes all the way back to the Talmud with it’s anti-Gentile, anti-Christian content. “The chosen” are akin to God after all, while we mere Gentiles are akin to animals and should be treated no better. A Jew may lie, cheat and steal from a Gentile without penalty and young Gentile girls may be “used” and defiled at will. I remember reading somewhere that a Jewish rabbi once said that if a Jew was in need of an organ for transplant he should be able to take said organ from a Gentile even if it caused the Gentile’s death, merely because Jewish lives are of much greater value than the life of any Gentile.

It is evil to assume the mantle of power in every country you inhabit to the detriment of everyone who lives in that country apart from their own kind. It must take a lot of hostility towards any host country to bring about its economic collapse so that they can move in like vultures, picking up other people’s property and possessions for a mere fraction of their value.

Does it ever prick at their conscience? I doubt it.

Why we ever allowed the almost total Jewish supremacist ownership and control of the media is beyond me. Why didn’t we see it happening and stop it? Why do we allow such a monopoly on the dissemination of news?

While we were being force-fed less than honest coverage of world events, Zionists were slowly taking over every aspect of our lives. The social engineering in our society has taken over to such a point that it has changed Canada and America into something that most people no longer recognize. Dare to speak out against what you see going on and you’re an “anti-semite.” I don’t write about this topic because I hate Jews, I write about it because I love this country and the people who live in it and don’t want to see it destroyed. America may not be perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got. (more….)