Bush Playing American Citizens for Fools

Bush’s Trojan Horse for America

By Frosty Wooldridge

“Doing nothing is not a solution,” said President George W. Bush last Tuesday at his news conference. “We need to pass immigration reform now.”

Since he ‘did nothing’ before or after 9/11 to stop terrorists by leaving our borders open and he hasn’t done anything for the past six years to stop illegal aliens, now he offers to enforce our laws with $4.4 billion from money paid by illegal aliens as fines to gain citizenship.

That’s like saying police officers issuing speeding tickets will pay for the construction of the highway!

“Gosh Aunt Bee, that makes about as much sense as a hound dog chasing a porcupine to see how many quills he can bite!” said Gomer.

After ‘doing nothing’ for the past six years and clearly in violation of his oath of office, he arm twisted key senators to reintroduce his ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill’ that was defeated in the Senate on June 7, 2007 by a massive outpouring of Americans protests.

Is Bush completely out his mind or will he go down in history as a cunning Trojan horse president?

You can’t be sure. But, it’s a fact he’s playing citizens of this country as fools that will do nothing to stop his plans for dissolving the sovereignty of the United States. As shown for many years, Americans won’t react until it’s too late.

What Bush proposes stands as a Trojan horse. Except, in this case, Bush drags the horse inside the walls of his own country. Just as he lacked understanding of his invasion of Iraq, he’s about to unleash this Trojan horse immigration scheme into the belly of America. It will prove deadly beyond anyone’s understanding. (more….)


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