FBI Bust Up Another Likely Israeli Sexpionage Operation

Spitzer’s Accused Pimp Holds Israel Passport: Claim

Mark Brener caught with Israeli passport, 600K in cash

As New York State’s Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer continues to draw headlines after being caught in a federal prostitution ring investigation, his alleged pimp Mark “Michael” Brener sits in a jail cell. Brener, aged 62 and a US citizen for two decades was based in New Jersey. He was denied bail after a government arrest team found him in possession of $600,000 in cash and an Israeli passport. Seeing that Brener had the means to escape to Israel, which generally does not extradite Jews, U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael H. Dolinger ordered him to be kept in custody, citing the cash and passport. Israel also allows dual citizenship for Jews, and many criminals, especially many of the ethnic Jewish Russian oligarchs, have used Israel as a safe haven.

The government alleges that Mark Brener ran the high dollar Emperors Club VIP call girl ring, catering to top end international clients from the worlds of business and politics. Concerns about Eliot Spitzer’s suspicious finacial dealings led the feds to Brener’s door. Originally suspecting that Spitzer was concealing payoffs, the government rolled on Brener’s operation when they found out Spitzer, a repeat customer, was actually attempting to hide payments to Emperors Club prostitutes. Brener, along with Tanya Hollander, Cecil Suwal and Temeka Rachelle Lewis, face conspiracy charges related to federal prostitution laws.

Meanwhile, even though Eliot Spitzer resists calls to resign, his political career lies in ruins. The Democrat once had high hopes of becoming the first Jewish President of the United States, but despite the success of his ally Bill Clinton in the face of sex allegations, Spitzer’s hopes are effectively dashed. With the New York Post saying Spitzer has frequented hookers for up to a decade, there is no word yet on whether Spitzer, like less affluent “johns,” will face charges, but state politicians have already pledged impeachment proceedings if Spitzer does not yield to calls to resign. He will forever be known as “Client #9,” the ID given to him by the feds.

Ironically, Spitzer, brought down by financial shenanigans, made his mark as a scourge of white collar criminals real and imagined, earning the nickname “Eliot Ness” after the Prohibition era crime fighter. Spitzer, also went after at least two prostitution rings when he was New York’s Attorney General. (…Full Article)

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