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Brutal Attacks on European Women Continue to Plague Nation

Brutal Attacks on European Women Continue to Plague Nation

ALL groups–including European women–should be protected and be made free from attacks by anyone else.

The above are three screenshots of recent CNN video of vicious attacks by African-Americans against European  women.

The first one contains dramatic video showing the attempted parking lot kidnapping of a middle-aged woman named Sondra, identified by CNN with only her first name for her own safety. Thanks to the intervention of a slightly-built, courageous woman passerby who fought the much larger male predator, Sondra was saved.

The second is a shocking case of a man named, Charles Hicks,  described by neighbors as a “very nice man” murdered a White woman friend named Deanna Null and then dismembered her body with a hacksaw and discarded the grisly remains in trash bags along the nearby Interstate highway.

The case had some similarity to the vicious  murder of Janet Shearer except for fact that Hicks did not apparently eat parts of Null as Janet Shearer’s boyfriend did eat parts of his victim. The third CNN video concerns the two bright young university co-eds murdered in separate cases on the campuses of UNC and Auburn.

I have recently published the figures from the most recent U.S. Justice Department data (2005) on cross race crimes showing that in that year Blacks committed 37, 460 reported rapes or sexual assaults against White women. In the same year, less than 10 rapes or sexual assaults were committed by White men against Black women. The same ratio holds true for previous FBI, Justice Department rape figures as well.

Next time the media does its usual sob stories about Black people who suffered from White violence, think about the fact that in just one year, more woman are brutalized by Black males than all the Black males and Black females brutalized by White males in the last 150 years! And remember, that most of the brutalizations against Black males, such as lynching, were in response to heinous crimes of murder or rape they had committed against innocent White men, women and children. Where is the equity in media reporting of these things?

There are countless articles in the media about decades-old “White crimes” against Blacks. Lynching is catagorized as something that “White people” did to Blacks. There are no mainstream media  articles showing the huge number of Black crimes against innocent White women. Nobody demands that Blacks as a group apologize for these horrible crimes, yet recently the U.S. Senate apologized to Blacks as a race for not passing federal laws against lynching. The media is full of stories stating blanketly that, “Whites lynched Blacks” or “Whites enslaved Blacks” even though a very small percentage of Whites ever owned even a single slave or ever lynched a Black man.  Racial collective guilt is considered good for White people even in the face of massive crimes commited against our innocent by another race.

Every decent human being decries violence and brutality against anyone, White or Black. It is morally wrong. If it is wrong for White people to hurt Blacks and appropriate that such cases receive huge media coverage as in the Byrd dragging case, as well as in the phony Tawana Brawley case and in the phony Duke Stripper Case, should it not be considered just as wrong for Blacks to hurt White people. Why are not the tens of thousands of cross-race rapes against White women by Black men not deserving of media coverage?

But next time the media tries to make you feel guilty for being White because of the fact that Black people have been hurt in the past by Whites — remember the 37,460 White women raped or sexually assaulted each year. Before the increased rates of Black male criminal incarceration, there were even more White male and female victims of Black crime and brutality. And, the number of 37,460 per year only represents reported rapes. Experts say that most rapes and sexual assaults go unreported. Over the past 40 years, there have been more than one million White women who have been raped or sexually assaulted by Blacks, and an almost zero number of White male sexual assaults against Black women.

The Black rape of a million White women should be getting huge coverage and there should be a huge outcry against this horrendous number of brutal attacks against women. One Black male sexual attack against White women occurs every 9 minutes in America.

These attacks must be the most massive and heinous ongoing crimes of one race upon another —  in history.

We must speak against and stop these terrible attacks!

—Dr. David Duke, President of European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO)