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Fantastic Show! “Why Does America Send Money to a Nation that Attacks US?”

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery Today.

First Dr. Duke asks the questions:

What kind of nation would send billions of dollars to a nation that has made terrorist attacks against it such as Israel has in Lavon Affair, admitted by the Israeli Government?

What kind of nation would send billions and the most advanced military equipment to a nation, such as Israel that attacked its own naval ship and killed 34 Americans on board and wounded 173…an attack America’s secretary of State called a purposeful terrorist attack upon America?

What kind of nation would send billions of dollars and the most advanced weaponry on Earth to a nation like Israel which committed the most damaging spying in American history, done by Israel and its spy Jonathan Pollard?

liberty34murderedwebsizeAnswer: of course only an occupied nation, a nation whose policies are dictated by a tiny minority against the best interests of the vast 98 percent non-Jewish population!

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