Duke & Slattery – Ukraine, the US, the Global Media and Social Media is NOT led by “Nazis!” It is ruled by Jewish Supremacy!
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Duke & Slattery – Ukraine, the US, the Global Media and Social Media is NOT led by “Nazis!” It is ruled by Jewish Supremacy!

April 13 – Wed – Duke & Slattery – Ukraine, is not led by Nazis. Nor is the US Gov, nor is the Global Media and Social Media, nor is Global Criminal banking like Goldman Sachs. They are all ruled by Jewish Supremacists!

It drives me crazy to hear people in the United States who should know better, talk about Ukraine being led or controlled by Nazis! It is not! In fact, this notion is patently and easily proven to be absurd. Let me tell you a little of my academic and geopolitical history and credentials, to illustrate I am not just some internet voice pontificating on things I know nothing about. Not only have done much research in the highest academic echelons of both Moscow and Kiev, I have met many of the political people and parliamentarians in both nations.

Unlike most of commentators, who speak about Ukraine, I lived there on and off for three years and earned my doctorate in History at Ukraine’s largest university: MAUP. I also spent 5 years in Moscow, having the great honor of becoming friends and a frequent collaborator in research with the great Nobel Prize winning Russian anti-Communist dissident, Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.  My personal history in both Russia and Ukraine affords me a birds-eye view of the realities of the political situation there, from many perspectives. My books have been on display and read by hundreds of elected officials in both the Russian parliament, the Duma, and by parliamentarians in the Ukrainian Parliament, the Rada. 

I taught and was in the doctoral program of MAUP In Kiev, the largest private university in Ukraine and recognized by UNESCO as one of the world’s distinguished universities. It also both world renowned and renounced ( for daring to host anti-Zionist international conferences a that dared to discuss abundant evidence revealing ethno-racial supremacism and the horrific criminal human rights offenses committed by the “Jewish State” of Israel, and assisted and protected internationally by major, Jewish billionaire-financed Jewish organizations in practically every nation of the world. They have often been shielded because they have huge money influence over candidates across the world such as the USA where they are vast bulk of campaign money in American elections although only 2 percent of the population.

I share the distinction, interestingly enough, as one of the two most famous graduates the university according to Google-financed, ruled and enabled, Wikipedia. The other well-well known graduate the Jewish Prime Minister of Ukraine, V. Groysman. I am famous and reviled for opposing Zionism. Groysman is famous for being the first Jewish Prime Minister of Ukraine.

It goes to illustrate just how completely Jewish dominated Ukraine truly is. When Grossman became Prime Minister after the election of the Jewish Zelensky, Ukraine became distinguished as the first and only nation in the history of Europe to have the two highest government positions, President and Prime Minister, simultaneously ruled by Jews, and hard core Jewish partisans at that.

Now, history repeats itself. Once you you go Jewish you seldom go goyish again. The current Prime Minister of Ukraine now is also Jewish, Denys Shmyhal, as well as the all-important Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikov, and among others, the Culture and Information Policy Minister, Oleksandr Tkachenko. They are all Jewish and don’t just happen to have some Jewish ancestors, they all support Jewish EU and Jewish Global Jewish organizations like the World Jewish Congress, openly and proudly dedicated to increasing political and social support for Israel and increasing Jewish political, social and economic power of the Jewish people worldwide.

The Jewish Prime Minister named after the election of Jewish oligarch-named party “Servant of the People” TV show, since that time the President and successive Prime Ministers have been Jews. 

I have many dear friends in Ukraine to this day, some who are on opposite sides of the current conflict. However, it should be said some are feel they have to align with their close family and friends,, even if just about all of them despise Zelensky and the horrific corruption in Ukraine.

Zelensky of course, is NOT a NAZI, nor are the Jewish Oligarch Criminals that rule over and financially rape the people of Ukraine, one of the most resource rich but just about the poorest population of any European population.

In great part due to massive Jewish organized crime groups  that have been greatly curtailed in Russia under Putin, but have run unabated and and out of control in Ukraine.

An example of this ultimate in corruption, is the oligarch is the Oligarch Kolomoisky, who tried to run for President, but who despite his vast money was too disgusting a character than to get jmoe than just a tiny percentage of votes. So he and his media empire, manufactured his own puppet candidate, Volodymyr Selensky. Who he made into a TV Star of a serialized TV show called servant of the people, a Jewish written and directed story of a common middle class Ukrainian who stands up to corruption and becomes President of Ukraine.

Only problem was that the man behind Zelensky and his rise was the biggest thief in the nation, Ihor Kolomoisky. He made a fortune in organized crime and like most of the Jewish criminal syndicate elsewhere decided to go where the money was, the banks. He ripped off the biggest bank in Ukraine an alleged, 5.5 billion dollars. This from the poorest nation per capita in all of Europe.

He was also one of the biggest stockholders in Burisma, the oil and gas company made famous in what the Zionist media in America called the Russian disinformation campaign with the Hunter Biden Russian plot to to get Trump in the White House. Later they had to admit the Hunter Laptop was absolutely real along with the incriminating emails. All of which was the 100 Jewish controlled ownership of the New York Times, had to ultimately admit was authentic. A year ago, Bloomberg headlined, the sanctioning of Kolomoisky. Biden had to distance himself from the Burisma scandal. Bloomberg headlined Biden’s sanctioning of Kolomoisky and the Bloomberg subtitle read, that Zelensky was Kolomoisky business partner. Of course all of that was forgotten when Zelensky was make out to be the pure hero against the ultimate evil on Earth, Vladimir Putin.

Zelensky of course, is NOT a NAZI, nor are the Jewish Oligarch Criminals that rule over and financially rape the people of Ukraine, one of the most resource rich but just about the poorest population of any European population.

In great part due to massive Jewish organized crime groups  that have been greatly curtailed in Russia under Putin, but have run unabated and and out of control in Ukraine.

Rabinovich nor is Victoria NULAND (Noodleman) Nor is Secretary State Blinken, nor is chief of all U.S. Intelligence, Avril Haines, Nor is the majority of  the National Security Council, nor is Chief of Staff of the White House, Ron Klain, the man who decides whatever is put on Biden’s Desk, nor are the owners of the New York Times and the 5 biggest Media and Social Media Mind Control Corporations on the Planet.

None of these entities are controlled by “Nazis” or “White Supremacists!” They are NOT NAZIs, they are all Jews, and Jews who are totally dedicated to the Jewish race, the Jewish State of Israel and Jewish Supremacy Globalism, media, politics and criminal financial control of the world. They have also been behind a century of the most terrible and deadly wars in all of human history!

I understand why most of the critics of the insane war against Russia in Ukraine, and the obvious Jewish War based on lies in Iraq, don’t dare mention the Jewish/Zionist component behind all these wars.

They  self-censor because they know they will be treated by the establishment the same way I am treated. They don’t want be treated like a former member of the House of Representatives who dared to simply acknowledge organized Jewish orchestration in these insane wars.  They don’t want to face the censorship I face as the best known American to dare expose the real rulers of Globalism and the U.S. Government.

They don’t want to be silenced as they see me censored. I understand why Russians and to truth tellers who expose this lying Jewish Neocon and Neoleft lies, don’t tell the racial and ethnic and religious identity of the Cabal that rules over us.

We are oppressed, in America that no one can be allowed public discourse who dares to simply name the identity of the group that rules over us.

No one can even name the the real rulers of the Western World.  Russians know who rules, Putin. Chinese know its the CCP, But no American is allowed to say the irrefutable facts of Jewish Supremacy over the key elements of Media, Banking and Government in the USA and how this Cabal uses America to bribe and coerce much of Europe and much of the world.

To say that the Ukraine war was created by Nazis in Ukraine, or even by Russia, is totally ridiculous and an obvious obfuscation of the Jewish role in this Globalist Tyranny enveloping this world and how this war is simply the latest act of the Jewish Global Cabal that has had a centuries old,  long running war against Russians, Ukrainians, and all Europeans and Christianity itself.

The Jewish Bolshevik state itself was a war against Christian non-Jewish Russia. The true interests of the Ukraine, Russian and European people’s interests are being sacrificed on the altar of  Jewish Racial Supremacy. My heart is broken by the suffering of the Ukrainian people, the Russian people, and to the whole world by this insane, evil Jewish War for total Jewish World Hegemony.

Not only will many Ukrainians and Russians die in this Jewish war, but hundreds of millions of children, adults and elderly will suffer malnutrition and death because of this war and the Sanctions installed by the Jewish Globalists against Russia. The Second World War was instigated by them against Christian Germany. It cost 75 million lives needlessly! This Jewish instigated war and sanctions will cause hundreds of millions of deaths all over the world by the economic damage done by the Jewish Global Financial Establishment, and the Jewish Tyranny that rules America. I firmly believe that opposing Jewish extremism and racial supremacy, I am one of the few true human rights advocates in the world today.

My heart goes out the Ukrainians, and the Russian victims of this war orchestrated by the Jewish Globalists. And I hope the people of the United States of America, finally understand the true identity the real supremacy over of the American people.

They are truly the enemies of every people on Earth,  including deadly enemies of decent Jews who truly defend the human rights of all. The Jewish Supremacist oligarchs of Israel and the Diaspora also wreck irreparable harm upon millions of Jewish individuals who are harmed by the Jewish Cabal that rules over them and over much of the rest of humanity!

April 12 – Tue – Praise & Honest Criticism of Scott Ritter! – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery Tell Truth that few Dare!

We love the work and the information provided by Gonzalo Lira and Scott Ritter – But at the same time time it is our duty to tell the rest of the story. Jewish Zionists run the State Department under Blnken, Nuland, and Sherman, Homeland Security Chief Mayorkas, the Justice Department under Garland ( Garfinkle) and most of the Security Council, are Zionist Jews.

Biden is similar to the sick Boris Yeltsin who sold out Russia to the 12 of 13 Jewish Criminal Oligarchs that Putin fought against when he became President of Russia. As Yeltsin had the Jew Chubais who sold out all of Russia to Jewish oligarchs, Biden has his chief of staff, super Zionist Jew Ron Klain. If Klain put a leaf on Biden’s desk he would sign it and ask for the next one.

The top Intelligence Boss in America is the Director of National Intelligence. Director, Jewish Zionist, Mossad Collaborator Avril Haines. All other intelligence agencies,CIA, FBI and and the rest, report to this Zionist extremist. 

The same Jewish supremacy exists in the most powerful US and Global media, The New York Times owners, and  the bosses all of the biggest Media and Social Media Conglomerates!

This is the most racist racial supremacy in the history of the World. They are 1/5 of one percent of the population of  the Earth, yet 25 percent of the billionaires! And they are all devoted to the Jewish people, Israel and the Jewish Agenda. They are not on the “periphery,” they are the very core of the destruction of Western Civilization, the European People and the creation of the Globalist Tyranny eradicating human rights worldwide!

Their influence is why we suffered the Second World War, the Iraq War and why we suffer the War in Ukraine right now. Ukrainians and Russians are being killed because of Jewish hatred against Russia and their pursuit to destroy their traditional ethnic enemy: The Russian People. They already rule and work fo the destruction of the European people in America and they EU, only Russia and China stand in their path of total World Jewish Denomination. This is no “conspiracy theory”  it it is conspiracy fact. As factual as the fact that Goldman Sachs recently was convicted of a 3.6 Billion dollar criminal conspiracy of Malaysia!

But none of Goldman Sachs Jews will spend a day in Jail, nor will you likely even know about about this biggest criminal financial conspiracy in the history of the World. Why is it not front page news? Cause who do you think controls the major broadcast and print media of most of the planet?  Wake up! Enjoy this powerful show today!

April 11 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Who Really Started the War in Ukraine? Proof it is the Jewish-Controlled Global Golem of the USA! USA!

The Same Jewish Controlled Golem that is destroying the European Population of Europe & America! Imagine if  National Russian TV Boasted of ordering doctors to castrate helpless and wounded Ukrainian soldiers! Answer:the biggest story in the World  by the Jewish Global Media!