Duke & Hitchcock Expose Forbes Israel edition boasting of Global Jewish Money Power!!
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Duke & Hitchcock Expose Forbes Israel edition boasting of Global Jewish Money Power!!

Dr. Duke & Andy Hitchcock of UK expose the Jewish supremacy that rules the New World Order which is actually The Jew World Order. 

In this amazing show, Dr. Duke reveals the Forbes financial magazine in its Israel edition boasting of the Jewish domination of the economies of the EU, Britain and of course, the some time soon to be renamed Jewnited States of America. With their government, media and economic control they have demonized the people who created America and now use the U.S. Government as an agent to destroy every European nation as well as the very people and heritage that built America. The article reveals that although Jews are only .2 percent (1/5 of 1%) of the world’s population,  yet they are 11.6 percent of the world’s billionaires. Although Jews are a staggeringly disproportionate 11.6 percent of billionaires, they own 15 percent of the world’s entire wealth. The cover of the article features Jewish Billionaire Lauder who is also head of the World Jewish Congress which is a global organization dedicated to “Jewish interests” the Jewish State of Israel.  

It has used totally unnecessary lockdowns of the economy to steal trillions of dollars from the middle class to the richest one percent of America’s ( which is disproportionately Jewish) 1 percent of the which which has transformed the Jewish supremacy in media and Banking and Politics into the greatest crime in history. The Jewish elites in the Covid Con caused more people to die than did in the Jewish-communist mass murders and genocide of the Soviet Union, and even the millions of deaths they in their illegal and legal drug empires like the Sacklers or even the millions of Opium deaths they cause by the Jewish Sassoons when Britain controlled China

Now they are using their Covid Con to steal, notice I didn’t say transfer, the wealth of the world into their greedy, corrupt, evil hands.  More on this in Tuesday’s show as well !

Here also is a link of Mark Collettsslatest video at Odysee with a recording of an interview he did with a leading publication that exposes their deceptions. It is very powerful.   https://odysee.com/@MarkCollett:6/20211015—Interview-with-a-Times-Journalist:b Note from staff: Trump on CNN’s Larry King Show in 1991 discussed David Duke getting 55 percent of the White vote. Trump said David Duke is going to get a lot of votes if he runs for President! He knew then that Duke’s platform was a a winning platform. Trump great failing is not to take on the Jewish power structure. He could have educated the world on the greatest threat to White people and all people in the world: Jewish Globalism. Trump has to know his destroyers who impeached him and savaged him and had a Jew D’ tat takeover of the government were completely led by the Jewish media and Jewish members of Congress such as Schiff, Nadler, Engel as well as Schumer in the Senate and every part of impeachment was Jews. But he keeps giving them lip service which is exactly the wrong thing to do. We cannot defeat these destroyers unless we educate the people who the real supremacist and ultimate racists are : the Jewish supremacists who are leading America and the world to disaster! here’s some links”

Communism is happening in America. Kill communism!!! Make it extinct.
1991: Larry King asks Donald Trump about David Duke



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