Dr. Stephen Cohen on Tucker Carlson: Empty Accusations of Russian Meddling Have Become “Grave National Security Threat”
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Dr. Stephen Cohen on Tucker Carlson: Empty Accusations of Russian Meddling Have Become “Grave National Security Threat”

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — The following is from ZeroHedge. Professor Cohen never officially endorsed Trump, and has never officially endorsed any candidate. However, as early as August 2015 was using his weekly appearances on The John Batchelor Show (out of WABC, New York) to point out that Donald Trump was unique among the presidential candidates and even the political elite in calling for improved relations with Russia, something that Professor Cohen insists is vital to our national security.

Professor Cohen also regularly exposes and condemns the “War Party” in the media, the State Department, academia, and elsewhere that spin lies about Putin and Russia intended to prevent any cooperation with Russia and that are ultimately aimed at overthrowing the Russian government, just like our State Department helped engineer the illegal coup in Ukraine.

It is a good sign that Tucker Carlson, who is emerging (along with Sean Hannity), as one of the few pro-Trump voices in the mainstream media, invited on Professor Cohen, who has no peer in his ability to destroy the anti-Russia and anti-Putin lies that have become gospel in the media.Thirty years ago when the Soviet Union was undergoing major reforms, Professor Cohen was routinely sought out to explain their implications by the major television networks. He was a staple on CBS. But in recent years has been shunned by a media intent on overthrowing Putin, even if it means World War III.

Maybe Hannity will invite him on…

Dr. Stephen Cohen on Tucker Carlson: Empty Accusations of Russian Meddling Have Become “Grave National Security Threat”

cohWith eyebrows suspiciously furrowed, Tucker Carlson sat down tonight with NYU Professor of Russian Studies and contributor to The Nation, Stephen Cohen, to discuss the 35 page #FakeNews dossier which has gripped the nation with nightmares of golden showers and other perverted conduct which was to be used by Russia to keep Trump on a leash.

The left leaning Cohen, who holds a Ph.D. in government and Russian studies from Columbia, taught at Princeton for 30 years before moving to NYU. He has spent a lifetime deeply immersed in US-Russian relations, having been both a long standing friend of Mikhail Gorbachev and an advisor to President George H.W. Bush. His wife is also the editor of uber liberal “The Nation,” so it’s safe to assume he’s not shilling for Trump – and Tucker was right to go in with eyebrows guarded against such a heavyweight.

Cohen, who has been quite vocal against the Russophobic witch hunt gripping the nation, believes that this falsified 35 page report is part of an “endgame” to mortally wound Trump before he even sets foot in the White House, by grasping at straws to paint him as a puppet of the Kremlin. The purpose of these overt attempts to cripple Trump, which have relied on ham-handed intelligence reports that, according to Cohen “even the New York Times referred to as lacking any evidence whatsoever,” is to stop any kind of détente or cooperation with Russia.

Cohen believes that these dangerous accusations attempting to brand a US President as a puppet of a foreign government constitute a “grave American national security threat.”

At the very end of the interview, Tucker’s very un-furrowed eyebrows agreed.

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