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Dr. Kevin MacDonald & Dr. David Duke Expose the Communist/Zionist Synthesis!

Dr. Duke started the show with an announcement that he has won his struggle against Zionist extremists who were trying to take down his YouTube channel. His account has been fully restored, with the eight videos that had been taken down put back. He announced plans for expanding his video distribution capabilities and for producing several new videos in the coming months.


He then brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald, and the two had a fascinating discussion about the history of Communism and Zionism as Jewish movements both aimed at Jewish domination of the world. According to Martin Gilbert in his book Churchill and the Jews, Churchill stated that Communist Jews were leery of Zionism because they saw it as a detour from the path towards world domination:

“The ‘cruel penetration’ of Trotsky’s mind ‘leaves him in no doubt that his schemes of a world-wide communistic State under Jewish domination are directly thwarted and hindered by this new ideal, which directs the energies and the hopes of Jews in every land towards a simpler, a truer, and a far more attainable goal.’ “

Martin did not challenge or refute in any way Churchill’s admission that Trotsky sought a world side Jewish state under Jewish domination and obviously agrees with them. Professor MacDonald pointed out that while Communism was a primarily Jewish movement in the first part of the 20th Century, the purging of Jews from the Soviet leadership by Stalin led so many Jews to turn away from Communism and embrace Zionism. In the U.S. this gave rise to the Neocon movement that has become so powerful in recent years. Zionism has since proved to be an effective strategy for increasing Jewish power worldwide.

This is an amazing show that you will enlighten you and anyone you share it with!

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