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Dr. Duke & Striker Reveal the Real David Duke & the Real Andrew Anglin Rather than Fake Avatars of ZioMedia!


Today Eric Stricker joined Dr. Duke in a discussion about how the Zio media has created an avitar of David Duke which has nothing to do with reality. They then attack that avitar for being a white supremacist, when in fact it is not Dr. Duke who is the supremacist but the Jews who are supremacist.

They also talked about the unprecedented unpersoning of Andrew Anglin from the internet. While it is bad enough that Dr. Duke and others who call out Jewish supremacism or even stand up for the interests of white people have their Paypal accounts cancelled and their YouTube video’s demonetized, but there has been a concerted effort to completely remove Mr. Anglin from the internet.

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This is a must watch video of David Duke discussing President Trump’s latest press conference.


Also, this is an interesting review of the Charlottesville event.