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Dr. Duke & Collett The Final Battle for Free Speech & Our Children’s Future!


Today Dr. Duke and British author and activist Mark Collett had a discussion about the massive assault on free speech by the Jewish supremacists trying to seal the deal on a society in which whites must submit to being an oppressed and despised minority in the societies they created. Dr. Duke mentioned his relationship with the journalist Joel Brinkley, son of long-time NBC anchorman David Brinkley. There are in fact many goyim working in the Zio-media prepared to admit privately that what Dr. Duke says is correct.

They also talked about Mark Collett’s new video (see below) on how the word “Nazi” is thrown around today. It has become little more than an epithet for any white person objecting to his dispossession and vilification. They also appeal for badly needed funds so that Dr. Duke can continue his work. He is not currently able to accept credit card donations so PLEASE send your contribution to the following address:

P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470

Thank you.

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This is a must watch video of David Duke discussing President Trump’s latest press conference.


Here is Mark Collett’s latest video: