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Dr. Duke on Firing of Comey & Zionist Media Total Silence on Clinton’s Treason in Support of ISIS & al Qaeda in Syria – Why every Patriot is Called an Anti-Semite?


Today Dr. Duke addressed the firing of FBI Director Comey and what it means for the control of our government by the Zionist deep state. Comey was a mixed bag and made enemies all over. But regardless of his firing, the people most in need of dismissal remain in place, first and foremost among then Presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner.

He and Dr. Slattery also went into how Jewish media moguls like those at the New York Times are able to maintain control over their empires even while raising vast amounts of capital in the stock market. It is truly amazing how they are able to manipulate the financial system, not just to bolster their own power but to stifle those who criticize them by depriving them of the means of even accepting payments from anyone willing to donate. And yet, our message is winning the day.

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