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Dr. Duke gives incredible talk on human history and what each of us can do for a better future

In today’s show Dr. Duke gave an incredible description of the process of the formation of races over many tens of thousands of years as different peoples adapted biologically to the very different environments that mankind faced around the globe. The relative isolation of various groups due to geographic separation led to the evolution of distinct races according to the principles of natural selection that are well understood and have been repeated over and over again in plants and animals around the world over earth’s history.


Then he went on to describe the spiritual evolution of mankind. He emphasized the importance of personal health and well-being for the overall health of the group, noting that people who are weakened or distracted are easily dominated, which is the situation that we face today. Dr. Duke re-emphasized the four rules for a more meaningful life that he spelled out in last Friday’s show. He called on his listeners to achieve a personal revolution of self-betterment in order to enable our people to overcome the adversities we face. Dr. Slattery also offered comments.

This is an inspiring show that can’t help but do good for anyone who listens to it. Please share it widely.

Click here and look for the show dated 4-28-15.

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