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Dr. Duke exposes the Zionist responsibility for terrorism around the world

Another Blockbuster Show with Dr. Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery.

Dr. Duke begins by talking about the last few days of massive derogatory Zio Media attacks upon him. He points out how the listeners of this show know the real David Duke and he put it this way: “My writings, shows, lectures, videos prove instantly that WHAT THEY SAY I SAY IS NOT WHAT I ACTUALLY SAY!

He shares with the listeners some of the early history, the true, unfiltered history of a famous American who is known throughout the world, and is actually supported and loved by people all over the world — as shown by his sky high video approval ratings in literally every nation on Earth.

Then, he delves into the Charlie Hebdo terrorism and shows how the Zionists are directly responsible for it.

He passionately shows how every people on Earth have the fundamental human right to preserve their nations, their heritage, their culture and their faith, and that no people on earth would favor allowing into their own nations the massive immigration that has been forced upon Europe by the Zio-corrupted politicians.

Also, he discusses how ISIS was an inspiration for the attacks and how Zio controlled policy in the USA, France and Great Britain has worked to destroy the truly secular, moderate government in Syria and support the jihadist terrorists — leading directly to this rampant terrorism. Again, the attack against Syria was totally based on the fact that Israel hates Syria for supporting the Lebanese and the Palestinian people.

Whatever Israel wants, Zio controlled America, UK and France do.

Netanyahu at march in Paris -- the Damn Jewish hypocrite

Dr. Slattery comes on and shares the strange tale from the Jewish press about Netanyahu acting like a Stereotypical Jewish, pushy, loud, obnoxious tourist.

He also exposes how although Freedom of Speech was the catch word for the march, the truth is that the Zionists suppress real freedom of Speech.

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