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Dr. Duke exposes Jewish Journal article hypocrisy on Jewish racism


Today Dr. Duke dove into the issue of Jews as a race and Jews as a very racist race at that. He addressed an article in the Jewish Journal by a Jewish professor from UCLA warning about the adverse implications to Jews in Israel should they become a minority of the population. Interestingly, he failed to mention that Jews are the very group leading the charge for open boarders in every country where Europeans dwell. Not only are Europeans turning into minorities in their own country, but the Jewish oligarchies that dominate the governments, media, and academia are doing everything they can to incite the non-whites with hatred towards Europeans.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and introduced the audience to the biological definition of sub-species, which is a definition that Jews meet. Then he and Dr. Duke discussed the reasons that Jewish academic oligarchs try not only to portray themselves as simply a religious group rather than a race, but to falsely claim that their is no biological support for the concept of human races.

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