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Dr. Duke explains that Obama is still a Zio-puppet even as he chafes at humiliation by Netanyahu

David Duke returns to America and delivers a powerful show exposing the audacity of Netanyahu’s speaking before Congress without an invitation from the government, and demonstrates the subservience of Obama to Zionist power even as he shows irritation with Netanyahu’s behavior. He says that one Zionist faction is supporting Obama as the “good cop” while another faction is rallying to Netanyahu as the “bad cop.” Dr. Slattery describes them as the “cunning faction” and the “crazy faction,” noting that they are both striving for the long-term goal of world domination even if they differ on the roads to get them there.

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Today’s show contains a wealth of information and iron-clad analysis that in 50 minutes could open the eyes of someone who has been slumbering for decades. The David Duke Show has a growing, world-wide audience that is getting critical information that is simply not going to be heard elsewhere but can be easily verified. However, we operated on a shoe-string budget. We refrain from NPR-style long, boring fundraising appeals, yet our listeners should realize that if they contributed NPR-style dollars, together we would change the world.

Dr. Duke also appealed for a listener with a quiet, currently unoccupied vacation home or retreat somewhere with internet access to offer it to him for a short period of time so he can concentrate on finishing his forthcoming book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion.

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