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Dr. Duke & Eric Striker on ZOG and the Insane Syrian War for ISIS Dictated by Israel


Today Dr. Duke and Daily Stormer journalist Eric Striker talked about the open air melt-down of CNN for all to see, with CNN having to retract a fake news story and fire three staffers, then have own of their producers tell Project Veritas that the whole Russia story that they have been hyping is all bullsh*t, and then one of their hosts, Van Jones, was also caught by Project Veritas saying that Russiagate is a “nothing burger.”

Israeli medics treating an ISIS fighter before sending him back to the front.

They were joined by Dr. Slattery and talked about Professor Stephen F. Cohen’s appearance at an American Jewish Committee forum, where he tore apart the Russiagate narrative as well as expose the daily lies told about Russia, ISIS, and American foreign policy. Then they finished up by addressing the 800-pound Israeli gorilla behind the war in Syria.

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Why do Jews have short necks? Because they are always making the gesture in the picture above, according to Professor Cohen.