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Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Expose Evidence of an Anti-White Motive of the Las Vegas Shooting & Hostage Trump’s (((Goldman Sachs))) Goy Tax!

Dr. Duke & Collett Expose the Coverup of the LV White Massacre and Chris Cantwell Tells His Side of Charlottesville


Today Dr. Duke started the show by looking at the media and government treatment of the Las Vegas shooting. In particular, he questioned the dismissing of any racial motive for the shooting, and said that the targeting of such an overwhelmingly white and conservative mass venue seemed hardly a coincidence. Dr. Slattery put forth a number of plausible hypotheses, including the possibility that Stephen Pollack was not acting alone and did not necessarily know the true nature of such a criminal conspiracy.

Then they moved on to the Trump tax reform proposal. The proposal was drafted under the leadership of economic advisor (((Gary Cohn))), a former executive with (((Goldman Sachs))). Studies of the proposal indicate that the vast bulk of the tax reductions would be concentrated in the richest 1%. And of course, the (((2%))) make up a huge share of the 1%. Coincidence, or Cohncidence? You decide!

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