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Dr. Duke & Atty Advo Expose the Ultimate PC – Support for Jewish-Zionist Power & Israel


Today Dr. Duke and Attorney Don Advo discussed political correctness. They pointed out that many of the media personalities who talk the most about “political correctness” and blame it on “liberals” actually are engaging in the ultimate form of political correctness: maintaining the taboo on the discussion of Jewish power.

Gilad Atzmon defined Jewish power as the ability to prevent the discussion of Jewish power. We constantly hear that “liberals” are behind political correctness, liberals are behind mass immigration, and liberals are behind the gay agenda. But there is no explanation of why liberals would be so suicidal. But once you understand that Jews are behind these agendas, it makes perfect sense because destroying traditional European cultural and genetic heritage in America is “good for the Jews.”

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Here is a video that really unveils the racist nature of Israeli society:

Note: This clip is a year old. This has been going on for a while. This clip is insane. They are openly talking about Israel as existing to “preserve the race.”