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Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof delve into the shocking Judaic elevation of Jews over God!

Today Dr. Duke delved into the self-worshiping nature of the Jewish religion. Citing reports from Jewish sources that half of all members and leaders of Jewish Synagogue services do not even believe in God. He quotes Israeli Prime Minister (and open atheist) David Ben Gurion’s vision that Israel would be headquarters of a Truly United Nations,  that this Truly United Nations would build a Shrine to the Jewish prophets, that all armies would be abolished and in Jerusalem would be the Supreme Court of all mankind!

Dr. Duke asserted with quotes from Jewish scriptures showing that the Jewish people actually worship and choose themselves over the will of God, and that in effect, God is subservient to the Jewish people than Jews are to be subservient to the will of God. Ultimately, he shows from Jewish scholars how Judaism is far more a worship of the Jewish people than a worship of God .

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Pastor Mark Dankof joined the show and quoted extensively from the New Testament, demonstrating that God’s covenant with those who accept Jesus Christ supersedes and replaces the Old Testament covenant with the Jews. In fact the New Testament has clear pronouncements of God saying that the Jews as a people no longer had a covenant with God nor continued in the covenant which they had broken by their rebellion against God.

This is a show to send to anyone you know who has fallen prey to the absurdity of “Christian Zionism.”

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