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Dr. Duke and Eric Striker Honor the USS Liberty 50 years after Israel Terror, Comey Hearing & Zio push for War on Iran!


Today Dr. Duke and Daily Stormer journalist Eric Stricker discussed a variety of issues, starting with the vicious Israeli false flag attack on the USS Liberty, killing 34 America sailors. They then went on to talk about the hearings in Washington where the Senate Intelligence Committee is questioning former FBI Director Comey about the crazy idea that Donald Trump is a Russian agent.

They also talked about developments in the Middle East, where Zionist forces are pushing for a Saudi-led Arab coalition to attack Qatar and eventually Iran.

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Here is a video that really unveils the racist nature of Israeli society:

Note: This clip is a year old. This has been going on for a while. This clip is insane. They are openly talking about Israel as existing to “preserve the race.”