Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – Jan 6th “Insurrection” Committee is a Jewish-Bolshevik-Style Show Trial & Jewish-Rigged Nobel Prizes!
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Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – Jan 6th “Insurrection” Committee is a Jewish-Bolshevik-Style Show Trial & Jewish-Rigged Nobel Prizes!

June 13  – Mon – DDr Duke and Dr Slattery – Jan 6th “Insurrection” Committee is a Jewish-Bolshevik-Style Show Trial & Jewish-Rigged Nobel Prizes!

June 10  – Fri – Duke & Collett – Burger King (Queen?} Inserts Jewish Globo Homo/Anal Pride Burger into Menu!  & The Jewish Unprovoked War Forced on Russia Backfires on Jews!

June 9  – Thur – Dr Kevin MacDonald & David Duke: Part 2 – Completely Exposing Global Jewish Racism, Supremacy and Hypocrisy!

June 8  – Wed – Dr Kevin MacDonald & David Duke: Two Experts Dissect & Expose Global Jewish Racism and Supremacy! Part 1

June 7  – Tue  – Dr Duke & Slattery – the “Antisemitic” Canary in the Jewish Media Mine!

June 6  – Mon – Duke & Slattery – Dr Duke Reports on the Inspiring League of the South Nat’l Conference, Dr Hill, Kevin MacDonald, Sam Dickson & other Great Men!

June 2  – Thur –  Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson – Racial – Ethnic – Religious & Individual Differences that Show Equality is a Big Fat Destructive Lie! 

June 1  – Wed – Dr Duke: Goldman Sachs Convicted of Massive International 3.6 Billion Dollar Fraud & Bribery Criminal Conspiracy ( Not Conspiracy Theory: Conspiracy FACT!)

Dr Duke asks Why it isn’t it the biggest news story in the World? Why? Maybe because the News-Media is Jews-Media!

May 31 – Tue – Dr Duke-Dr Slattery: Nobel Prize-winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Tells Us Why the Jewish War on Russia and All European Peoples Still Rages!

May 30 – Mon – Dr Duke-Dr Slattery: A True Memorial Day to Our Brave Heroes is to Never Again Lose American Lives for Zionist Lies!

I think today’s program was a moving tribute to the American brave men who courageously gave up life and limb and so much else in belief that that they were fighting for America, but were actually spilling their blood and lives and money only for the agenda of Jewish Global supremacy and the interests of the foreign state of Israel.

As I state in the show, the Iraq War was completely a Jewish orchestrated war dictated by Jewish political supremacy in American politics, government, media and Financial Power.

It is exactly the same power leading the global war on Russia and truly the Ukraine as well in the insane Jewish provoked war on Eastern Ukraine and upon the Russian Nation and People!

As the broadcast shows, there is no greater crime against Americans and brave American patriots than to send them to war not for America but for Jewish lies and Jewish Political and Global Supremacy!
On this memorial day — may we never forget and never forgive the Jewish perfidy that has led this world the greatest slaughters of he past hundred and 20 years, that of the endless wars based on lies, and Jewish-created Bolshevism that murdered at least 100 million people worldwide!
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May 27 – Fri – Dr Duke and Mark Collett – Dissect the the Jewish War on Both the Economy of Russia and the Entire Western World!

May 26 – Thur – Dr Duke and Paul Stevenson – We always had lots of Guns. But we never had Mass Murder in Our Schools until Hollywood Drenched Our People in Drugs, Violence, Blood & Filth!

May 25- Wed – Dr Duke & Patrick Slattery Understanding Jewish History & the Jewish War to destroy Russia, Ukraine, the European People and Create World Supremacy

May 24- Tue – Dr Duke – The One Universal Critical Factor of History – DEMOGRAPHICS IS DESTINY! & Was Karl Marx an Anti-Semite or a Jewish Con Man?

May 23 – Mon – Dr. David Duke – On Why DEMOGRAPHICS IS DESTINY! It is the force behind Culture, Politics, War, Freedom and Human Rights! & the Jewish Media Demography Destroying  the West!