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Dr. David (Duke) and Goliath

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — We are all familiar with the bible story about the giant Goliath, who is defeated in combat by a much smaller opponent armed with a slingshot. There is no doubt that global Zionism is a Goliath. It has incredible power resources. Zionist Jews dominates banking, media, academia, and campaign finance, to say nothing of various other important and lucrative industries and professions.


The appalling evidence of Jewish power is all around us. We see it in the lives and fortune spent fighting all those who would oppose Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. We see it in the census data, which shows America as having gone from a country 50 years ago in which almost 90% of the children born were European Americans to one today where a majority of babies born are non- Europeans. We see it in the replacement of a family-friendly culture with one that glorifies obscenity, degeneration, drugs and dissolution.


This article from Haaretz in Israel is perfectly example that the Jewish problem goes far beyond Zionism.  Haaretz is considered ant-radical Zionist and supports peace, yet here is an article in which it praises the Jewish war on "Family Friendly Culture" in the United States and how "Jews are asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity." Again, the article is not condemning their attack on the American family, it is boasting about it and praising it! This is the kind of shocking information that most Americans are completely ignorant of that Dr. Duke helps bring to American people and to the world.
This article from Haaretz in Israel is perfectly example that the Jewish problem goes far beyond Zionism. Haaretz is considered ant-radical Zionist and supports peace, yet here is an article in which it praises the Jewish war on “Family Friendly Culture” in the United States and how “Jews are asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.” Again, the article is not condemning their attack on the American family, it is boasting about it and praising it!   Obviously most Americans want a “family friendly culture” but the Jewish elite is working hard to destroy it.  This is the kind of shocking information of which most Americans have no knowledge.  Dr. Duke brings this knowledge to the American people and to the world.

While Zionist Jewish supremacists have incredible power resources, the one absolutely critical source of their power, the one from which all their other power flows, is their ability to prevent any discussion of Jewish power. But this also makes them incredibly vulnerable.

True, they do allow debates to rage about the implications of Jewish power. You can protest against the wars, you can gripe about immigration, you can organize against pornography, but you cannot talk about the Jewish connection to these problems. You can blame the problems on the bankers, on the 1%, or on globalists. But try putting any of the blame on “Jews” meaning the organized tribal power of Jewish extremists, and your voice will be completely marginalized, if it wasn’t already. This is the key, because once people start talking about Jewish power that power will evaporate.

You might be able to criticize Zionists and get away with it if you are talking strictly about the Middle East and are not a Congressman or a professional media personality. Pointing fingers at “bankers” or “globalists” or “Bilderbergers” will probably not get you in too much trouble. And you are certainly welcome to shout that the world is secretly run by a cabal of Nazis, Queen Elizabeth, or lizard people from the center of the earth. In fact, you can make quite a good living doing so, and the Jewish supremacists will be glad for the distraction and sometimes even foot the bill if the misdirection is effective.

A perfect example is Zionism itself. Fighting Zionism without fighting Jewish tribalism is useless. Why? Because the Zionists completely dominate the organized Jewish community. They control every major Jewish organization, and practically every synagogue on the planet. So, even if a Jew is not a “Zionist” or even if he opposes Israel, if he supports Jewish tribalist racism and privilege, he in effect, enables and empowers Zionism. If “Jews” takeover a media studio for instance because of their tribal cohesion and collusion, it matters not if some of them are Zionists oar not, because Jewish power ultimately is Zionist.

There is a certain amount of value in alerting people to all the problems we face, although these problems can be so obvious that no alarm should really need to be sounded. But at some point it is not enough just to be aware of the problems, because they cannot be remedied if we don’t know what causes of the problems. And that is the point we are at now.

While the tremendous power resources Jewish supremacists have at their disposal may make them seem like an undefeatable goliath, but they really do have feet of clay. So much of their power is completely dependent on the rest of us keeping our mouths shut about their power. If people opened their eyes to it, if they spoke freely of it, it wouldn’t matter that they own TV stations, because we wouldn’t watch them. It wouldn’t matter that they own banks, because we wouldn’t put our money in them. It wouldn’t matter that they own politicians, because we wouldn’t vote for them.

So all we have to do is open our eyes and open our mouths. However, most of even the alternative media personalities will not drop the J-word. They may use poorly understood code words like neocons or globalists. They may point the finger at a group that overlaps with Jewish supremacists but is just as likely to conjure up images of white elites, like capitalists or the 1%. Or they just spout bizarre and unprovable theories about secret governments and conspiracies. None of this identifies the real problem and thus does nothing to overcome the problem.

I know it is hard for people to talk about Jewish power. I get it. If you have a good job, you can lose it if you publicly pronounce the truth about Jewish racism. You can lose access to the media. You can lose friends. You can become ostracized. But overcoming Jewish supremacist power really is as easy as talking about it. And once it gets talked about in public, for all to hear, the spell is broken. The genie can’t be put back in the bottle.

Dr. David Duke has been talking clearly and persuasively about Jewish power for decades. He has developed iron-clad, irrefutable arguments that are accessible to anyone who hears them. However, the Zionist-owned media was long able to make sure that he wasn’t heard.

Things have changed. He has built up his own media outlets, producing books, videos, a radio show, and a website, and he continues to lecture and advise all over the world. He is finally able to bypass the Zio media and reach people across the country and all over the world. And the results are starting to show. Prominent politicians and doctors have been promoting his videos on their own social media. Listenership to his radio program and traffic to his website are rising exponentially. The Zio media is now finding it impossible to ignore him.

He has now reached the point of penetration with hundreds of millions of views of his videos — and over 90 percent positive reception of them, that have had to go to a full-bore demonization mode against him!

However, because he does not have a rich Jewish sponsor providing a comfortable income to him in exchange for toning down his message (as some others do), he needs to ask for your support to make sure he can continue this crucial work.

Imagine yourself at some point in the future, trying to answer your grandchild’s question about how a country as powerful as America, Canada, Australia, UK, France, or a civilization as great as Western Civilization, could degenerate so quickly into an impoverished, conflicted, subservient society. Why it became a society with wars and violence and sickness and degeneracy all around us. Why the European peoples, and by that time probably other peoples as well, cooperated in their own ethnic cleansing, their own suicide, their own genocide. Remember that not only Europeans have been victims of ethnic cleansing, for the Palestinians are an example of Jewish racist supremacism and tryanny as much as any people.

Do you really want to tell your grandchild that all it took was for people talk about the problem, but no one did. Or, rather, that someone was talking about the problem, but people couldn’t hear him because not enough people bothered to help spread the message?

We really are at a critical juncture. We are making so many great strides on the ground with a message that couldn’t be more persuasive. Dr. Duke has devoted a lifetime to doing the research, developing the message, learning how to connect with people, and building the independent media means for spreading the message.  Let’s do our part by supporting his efforts financially so that this message, this enlightenment, this awakening can reach the critical mass of people to change the world into a place where all people and all peoples can be free and independent.

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Dr. David Duke is truly America’s and the world’s David who stands up to the Zio Goliath of our time.

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Dr. Patrick Slattery