Does this Video Prove that the Jewish Supremacist Warmongers are Lying about Syria?

A striking new video has emerged which claims to prove that if there was a chemical weapons incident last week, it was likely carried out by the Syrian rebels and not the government.

Using a series of powerful arguments including evidence of previous use by rebels of sarin nerve gas, previous evidence of false claims and events surrounding the incident last week, and what it claims are leaked secret documents proving a conspiracy against the Syrian government, the video makes a strong case for its proposition that the attack was a false flag operation.

The video is so powerful that even though it doesn’t dare bring up the core issue—the fact that Israel is behind the “evidence” of the “attack” so far, it has apparently been removed from YouTube a number of times already.

The video doesn’t mention Israel at all, even though, of course, the Jewish Supremacist neocons were the ones behind the lies which led to the attack on Iraq.

Israel was also the supplier of the “evidence” that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction” as well.

It is no coincidence that the Times of Israel has recently boased that it is “Israeli intelligence” upon which the US is basing is claims of Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

When watching this video, it is therefore important to bear in mind that when it says the “government of the United States,” they actually mean the Zio-controlled government and Zio-controlled media.

The video also points out how the way in which “evidence” is being presented for an attack on Syria is identical to the way in which it was presented for the attack on Iraq.

In this regard, it is significant to note that Dr. David Duke, on this website, was one of the first and leading politicians in America to publicly point out that the “WMD” story was a lie. Once again, Dr. Duke was way ahead of the curve, and absolutely spot on in his predictions: that the war in Iraq was based on a lie and would benefit no-one but Israel.

The identical scenario is going to play itself out if the attack on Syria goes ahead.