“Death to Christians” and “Price Tag” Attacks in Israel

Anti-Christian and anti-Arab outbursts continue to be the norm in Israel, an article in the Montreal Gazette has revealed. In the latest incident, anti-Christian graffiti, written in Hebrew, was put on the walls of the Baptist House church in central Jerusalem reading “death to Christians” and “price tag.“

The phrase “price tag” is the name given in Israel to attacks carried out against Arabs and Palestinians and their property.

Other recent similar incidents have been reported on the walls of the compound of the Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Cross in west Jerusalem, and there has been a “spate of such attacks in the past year, targeting cars, schools, homes and mosques in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Arab villages in Israel,” according to the report.

Just this week, in the village of Luban al-Sharqiyah, southeast of the West Bank city of Nablus, Hebrew graffiti reading “death to Arabs” was sprayed on the wall of a building in a yard.

According to the report, Palestinians accuse Israeli authorities of “failing to pursue those behind ‘price tag’ attacks, saying that only individuals accused of targeting Israeli military facilities in such attacks have been charged.

Israel says it pursues those cases where evidence is available and notes that its political leaders have condemned the attacks, particularly against mosques.

The “price tag” policy is the name given to acts of random violence aimed at the Palestinian population by radical Israeli Jewish settlers.

“Price tag” incidents include demonstrations, blocking of roads, vandalism of Palestinian property, violent attacks carried out against random Palestinian civilians, burning of mosques and fields, stone throwing, uprooting trees, and making incursions into Palestinian villages and land.

This campaign includes attacks on Palestinian villages and property by Jewish extremists. Recently, Christian churches and possessions in Jerusalem have also become targets for price tag attacks.

According to an article in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, Jerusalem Christians have become the “latest targets in recent spate of ‘price tag’ attacks.”

In recent church attacks, vandals spray-painted slogans denouncing Christianity, Jesus and Mary, such as “Jesus is dead,” “Death to Christianity” and “Mary was a prostitute.” They also included the by-now customary “price tag” slogan.

According to Haaretz, “Jerusalem’s Christian community increasingly feels under assault, and that is especially true for Christians living in Jewish neighborhoods.

“Priests in the Old City, especially Armenian priests who must often transit the Jewish Quarter, say they are spat on almost daily,” the paper reported.

“It’s almost impossible to pass through Jaffa Gate without this happening,” said a senior priest at one Jerusalem church.

The spitting has become so prevalent that some priests have simply stopped going to certain parts of the Old City.

The Baptist church has been attacked twice before: It was torched in 1982 and again in 2007.

“We mainly feel sad” about the attacks, said the church’s pastor, Charles Kopp. “It hurts us that anyone could even think we deserve such treatment. They don’t know us, but they apparently oppose anyone who doesn’t identity with them.”

Baptist priests don’t normally walk around in priestly garb, but Kopp said he would be afraid to walk through the Old City if he did.

Off course these attacks against Christians are common stories in the Israeli media but almost completely blacked out in the American Jewish-dominated  mass media, though you would think, that since America is overwhelming a Christian nation, that such stories would be of interest.

The Zionists endeavor to keep their Christian-Zionist servants totally unaware of the viciously anti-Christian views of Judaism. Most Christians don’t even know that the Jewish Talmud, their main books of Jewish life and law actually condemns Jesus and says that Jewish priests are boiling him in excrement for all of eternity. Now that is hate speech, but Christians are not allowed to know this.

Christians are steered toward anti-Muslim positions because Jewish media masters want them to support anti-Christ Israel. The fact is that the Muslim Koran, in contrast to the Jewish Talmud, reveres Jesus and his mother Mary, and even defends both of them from the vicious slanders of Judaism.

Of course, they want to keep the incredibly anti-Christian policies of Israel from Christians around the world. Israeli Jews are allowed to know these things but Christians outside of Israel are forbidden this knowledge.

Be sure to use the search engine on this site and look up Jesus in the Talmud, and you will find the documented truth of all that I write  here, or just click on this link. Also read Should Christians Support Israel?  and/or watch my video of the same name— Dr. David Duke

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