CBS News Admits: Jewish Law Forbids Jews from Reporting Jewish Criminals to Police!

The secret world of Judaism was exposed once again with a report on CBS New York which revealed that “Jewish law forbids informing on another Jew” even when the most ghastly crimes are being committed.

Implicit in this “law” is that Jews are perfectly at ease in informing upon non-Jews—a clear case of racial and tribal double standards.

The shocking revelation was contained in a report about widespread child sex abuse in the Jewish Orthodox and Hassidic communities of Brooklyn, New York.

The report described the high incidence of sexual deviancy and paedophilia as a “cycle of abuse” and that the “the problem is compounded by religious taboos that make reporting abusers to police very rare.

“They say it is a secret and that children continue to suffer,” the report said.

Quoting a Jew who has at last spoken out, one Mordechai Jungreis, the report said he was victimized twice — once when his son was sexually abused by a member of the community and again when he was shunned trying to get him help.

“”I told my wife right away this child is getting molested,” Jungreis told CBS 2’s Chris Wragge. “The perpetrator always got support from the community.”

In the insular, tight-knit world of Hasidic and Orthodox Jews, problems are taken care of internally. In all matters, including sex abuse, a rabbi is consulted.

Jungreis said he called many rabbis, but none helped, even though he said they knew about the alleged abuser.

“They knew how dangerous this guy is,” he said. “They never did anything to get him off the street.”

What made matters so difficult is that Jewish law forbids informing on another Jew.

But two rabbis told Jungreis he could get around that by bringing the boy to a therapist, who would legally have to report the abuse.

But when that happened, Jungreis was blamed.

“You get revenge, hell, torture, ostracized — you name it. What a family and victim is going through if you are reporting a Jew,” Jungreis said.

Ben Hirsch, who runs Survivors For Justice, an advocacy group for sex abuse victims in the Orthodox community, said that scenario keeps many abusers protected.

“This is a mindset among very many parents of victims they know — that if they step forward to protect one of their children that the entire family is going to suffer serious consequences,” Hirsch told Wragge.

Hirsch said rabbis shouldn’t investigate sex crimes, but rather, the police should.  However, Agudath Israel, an Orthodox policy organization, says getting the rabbi’s ok makes it easier to report cases to authorities.

Hirsch doesn’t buy it.

“I know of many instances of coverup. I know of many instances where rabbis are stopping people from coming forward,” he said.

In Jungreis’ case, the alleged abuser admitted that as a child he had been molested and Jungreis said, the cycle of abuse continued with own son.

“Not only did he victimize him, he learned him how to be a perpetrator,” Jungreis said.

I realize as I publish this article on www.DavidDuke.com that it will shock a lot of people. Even in the mainstream Jewish-controlled media like CBS which is run and owned by Zionists, the truth ekes out.

This occurs on many subjects, but it takes someone like me to connect the dots so you begin to get a coherent picture, a picture that the media desperately tries to keep from you.

Now ponder once more the clear statement of fact in the CBS article.

What made matters so difficult is that Jewish law forbids informing on another Jew.

If Jews won’t even inform to the police on fellow Jews who are molesting and harming innocent Jewish children, would they inform on Jews who do harm to Christians or other non-Jews, who commit thefts, and extortion and bribery and financial fraud on a massive scale?

If this is the depth of Jewish loyalty to one another, can anyone honestly say that this would not affect the ruling of at least some Jewish prosecutors and Judges in cases affecting Jewish predators and criminals? Even if the Jewish judge or a Jew in a position of authority is not Orthodox, there is a lifetime of indoctrination that every Jewish person undergoes that repeatedly suggests all Jews are in danger from antisemitism, repeated charges that America and other nations didn’t help Jews during the Holocaust, and that Jews must stick together and favor each other for their common good. It is this attitude that can easily lead to Jews dominating a corporate board or an academic faculty or simply choosing a Jewish business over a Christian one. This certainly contributes Jews controlling banking or the media or other segments of society.

We know by the testimony of Jewish rabbis and leaders in this article that Jews are extremely reluctant to inform on Jewish lawbreakers to police authorities, even when Jewish children are the overwhelming victims of horrific crimes.

Someday, the world will understand why there is a Jewish Problem, and this article on CBS gives you but a tiny glimpse of it.

Also watch my video on the Coverup of Jewish Organized Crime, it exposes how the Jewish dominated media covers up huge Jewish criminal activity and at the same time puts the blame for organized crime unjustly on other groups such as Russians and Italian Christians–David Duke

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