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David Duke Answers a Jewish Reader

David Duke Answers a Letter From a Jewish Reader

Dear David Duke,

I am a Jew from Long Island, New York. I have been a viewer of your European-American website and your audio archives for around 3 months or so. I am emailing you to ask the question that I could not possibly understand in regards to the 2004 presidential election. And that question is why you wanted John Kerry, a northeastern elitist to defeat a southern cowboy like George W. Bush, despite the fact that George W. Bush in your eyes is a traitor to the Euro-Anglo heritage.

Despite the fact that George W. Bush supported Israel with his “Jewish Supremacists”, John Kerry received 75% of the Jewish vote so why would you vote for John (Cohen) Kerry. My second question is, if America is not a Judeo-Christian nation but a Christian Nation, which I as a Jew believe is true indeed, and that Israel is the homeland for the Jews, and you believe that the Jews are occupying “Palestine”, then were should the Jews live?

-Thank You David Duke
from Mark

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your intelligent letter and questions.

I will try to answer you as clearly as I can.

I opposed George Bush. The fact that I did so does not imply I supported Kerry. Whether or not my opposition to Bush helped Kerry is irrelevant. I think Kerry would have been just as bad for America as George Bush. But I think Bush is worse for European Americans because he pretends to be on our side which makes him far more dangerous.

What Kerry said were just proposals, while Bush had committed, in my opinion, treason against our nation and people and he should not be rewarded for it. And, I do believe that if there will ever be a renaissance for our people, we must rid ourselves of those who falsely pretend to represent us. In the name of leading us they lead us to absolute disaster.

As for Israel, I hope you can get the drift of my message. I say it explicitly in many places. I am not against Jews because they want their own homeland, or because they seek to preserve their own traditions and their genotype, in fact I respect and admire those motives.

I oppose the Jewish supremacists because implementation of their agenda in Western nations will eradicate my own people’s freedom and heritage. Hopefully, by now you have seen some of the overwhelming evidence I have cited on this issue. Jewish supremacists have been at the forefront of changing American immigration law as well as a host of other attacks on the heritage and freedom of European Americans. I enumerate them in many articles.

What do I want from America’s Jews? I ask the same thing that Gentiles have asked in vain from them for generations: simply to respect the traditions and heritage of America’s overwhelming European, Christian majority rather than try to undermine it. Jews all over the world need to do the same in the respective nations in which they live. I believe that is not an unreasonable request. I make that request of the Jewish people because few of my own people’s public leaders have the courage to do so.

As to Israel, I will take no formal position on the solution of your problems with the Palestinians, that is for the Jews and Palestinians to work out for themselves. However, here is what I see could happening if not for the extremists that control the Israeli government and the Diaspora.

It is an almost identical solution to that advocated by many of Israel’s peace groups. After 55 years the state of Israel is a fact, period. Because of the terrible conditions in the occupied territories Israel has a unique opportunity. The Arab world has come together and stated they are willing to make peace with Israel if it would vacate the occupied territories and the Palestinian parts of Jerusalem. If Israel would completely withdraw to the borders of 1967 and allow the Palestinians to create a viable state, I think the world would support the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state.

At that point, Israel could build a wall if that’s what it wants, on Jewish territory not Palestinian. What could the world do? And it would be a much more defensible measure in the eyes of the world than the wall constructed inside the occupied territories. Secondly, it would lessen the demographic threat to Israel, for if Israel is truly democratic and absorbs the territories (as many Jews have warned), it would be a demographic disaster for them. Plus, returning the settlers would only strengthen the Jewish demographics in Israel itself.

In answer to your question as to where Jews should live if not in Israel, I think this arrangement could guarantee Jews to live in relative peace in Israel. Israel has a unique opportunity to seize peace and the approval of the world. However, I think the extremists among the Jews will never let this solution happen, for they have no bounds in their supremacist ambitions. They seek supremacy in the entire region and actually, they seek supremacy on a global scale!

As for America and the rest of European world, I want to live in a nation that reflects my traditions and values, and I do not want my people to become a minority in the nations my own forefathers built. Interestingly, that is same goal that most Israelis and most Jews who support Israel endorse for the Jewish state.

Just as Jews in Israel would not tolerate Gentiles in Israel controlling Israeli policy or Israeli media, so if I ever got the chance in public office, would I make sure that our nation’s foreign policies and our important national media are not controlled by any foreign power or allegiance.

If I can be of any further assistance to you, please let me know!


David Duke