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David Cameron to send Royal Navy warships to Libya ‘to deter migrants’: Zio-Watch, March 18, 2016


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From The Independent

Refugee summit: David Cameron to send Royal Navy warships to Libya ‘to deter migrants’

Prime Minister told EU leaders at a summit in Brussels that he is extending the deployment of HMS Enterprise
  • Andrew Woodcock
  • HMS-Enterprise.jpg
  • The HMS Enterprise is conducting surveillance work along the Libyan coast AFP/Getty Images

David Cameron wants to deploy Royal Navy vessels close to the coast of Libya to deter thousands of migrants from embarking on the perilous sea journey to Europe this summer.

The Prime Minister told European Union leaders at a summit in Brussels that he is extending the deployment of HMS Enterprise on anti-trafficking operations in the central Mediterranean at least until the summer, and wants to see the mission expanded into Libyan territorial waters to enhance its deterrent effect.

UK officials said that people-smuggling boats could be turned back to the Libyan shore for destruction, if the necessary co-operation can be established with local coastguards. And they said Britain would also like to see closer Nato co-operation with Turkish coastguards in the Aegean Sea so that more intercepted boats can be sent back to Turkey without ever arriving in the Greek islands.

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From The Independent

TTIP: Big business and US to have major say in EU trade deals, leak reveals

Exclusive: Document obtained by campaign group shows legislation will be influenced before it reaches European Parliament
  • Paul Gallagher
  • TTIP-AFP-Getty.jpg
  • Activists demonstrate against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA outside the European Parliament AFP/Getty

The European Commission will be obliged to consult with US authorities before adopting new legislative proposals following passage of a controversial series of trade negotiations being carried out mostly in secret.

A leaked document obtained by campaign group Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) and the Independent from the ongoing EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations reveals the unelected Commission will have authority to decide in which areas there should be cooperation with the US – leaving EU member states and the European Parliament further sidelined.

The main objective of TTIP is to harmonise transatlantic rules in a range of areas – including food and consumer product safety, environmental protection, financial services and banking.

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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Senior Latvian lawmaker says ‘smart’ Jews working to undermine country

(JTA) — Karlis Serzants, a senior lawmaker in Latvia, said in an interview that smart Jews were working to undermine Latvia’s position in disputes with Russia.

Speaking last week on the LR4 Russian-language radio station, Serzants at first said the people he was talking about were “mostly of a very smart ethnicity with lawyers [among them].”

Asked if he was referring to Russians, Serzants, who is a member of the ruling coalition and on the national security committee of the Saeima, the national parliament, replied, “No, I mean the Jewish ethnicity.”
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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

World Jewish Congress assembly condemns BDS as ‘a manifestation of anti-Semitism’

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) — A World Jewish Congress assembly adopted a resolution calling the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel a manifestation of anti-Semitism.

On Wednesday, a special Plenary Assembly of the World Jewish Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, voted to approve the resolution, which “considers the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement, and all other attempts to delegitimize the State of Israel, to be manifestations of anti-Semitic discrimination against the only truly democratic country in the Middle East, and damaging to any genuine efforts for peace in the region.”

More than 400 delegates and observers from 67 Jewish communities in 40 countries are on hand for the assembly, which is being held for the first in Latin America.

The resolution also lauds the efforts of countries and community leaders who have taken concrete action to condemn BDS or acknowledge the discriminatory nature of BDS and other forms of unlawful activities against Israel, including the executive, legislative or judiciary bodies of the United States, Canada, France and the United Kingdom, as well as American states such as Illinois,  South Carolina and Tennessee.
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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Bernie Sanders turns down invitation to address AIPAC confab

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Citing his campaign schedule, Bernie Sanders said he would not address AIPAC’s conference next week, making him the only presidential candidate that will not attend the large annual pro-Israel gathering this year.

“I would very much have enjoyed speaking at the AIPAC conference,” Sanders said in a letter Friday to Robert Cohen, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee president.

“Obviously, issues impacting Israel and the Middle East are of the utmost importance to me, to our country and to the world,” he said. “Unfortunately, I am going to be traveling throughout the West and the campaign schedule that we have prevents me from attending. Since AIPAC has chosen not to permit candidates to address the conference remotely, the best that I can do is to send you a copy of the remarks that I would have given if I was able to attend.”
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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Polish president opens museum for Righteous among Nations

WARSAW (JTA) — Amid a public debate about Poland’s Holocaust-era record, the country’s president attended the opening of a museum for non-Jews who saved Jews’ lives during the genocide.

At a ceremony attended by approximately 2,000 people, Andrzej Duda on Thursday spoke of anti-Semitism as not only hateful to Jews, but also disrespectful to the memory of those who risked their lives to save them.

Those who “sow hatred between people, sow and foment anti-Semitism, at the same time trample upon the grave of the Ulma family,” he said of the family that gave the new museum in the southeastern town of Markowa its name: The Ulma Family Museum of Poles who Saved Jews.

On March 24, 1944, German police murdered eight Jews and several people who hid them: Jozef Ulma, his pregnant wife and their six children. The Ulmas were recognized in 1995 as Righteous among the Nations for their actions by Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum.
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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Argentine president ‘determined’ to discover truth of Nisman’s death

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) – Argentine President Mauricio Macri said he is “determined” to discover the truth about the death of AMIA prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

“Everything that happened made us look weak in the world,” Macri told The Associated Press as part of a long-ranging interview published Thursday. “But now we are determined to bring what happened to light.”

The Argentine judiciary has not yet determined whether Nisman’s shooting death in January 2015 was a homicide or suicide.
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From Russia Today

Austrian MP under fire after comparing asylum seekers to Neanderthals

Published time: 18 Mar, 2016 19:25

© Nikola Solic © Nikola Solic / Reuters

Austrian MP and chairman of the right-wing Team Stronach party Robert Lugar is under fire after he compared asylum seekers’ worldview with that of Neanderthals during a parliamentary debate on refugee policy.

The jab outraged the opposition which urged Lugar to resign.
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From Russia Today

5 most Islamophobic rants by Geert Wilders as his ‘inciting hatred’ trial begins

Published time: 18 Mar, 2016 18:47

Wilders appeared in court with his trademark peroxide blonde hair. © Michael Kooren Wilders appeared in court with his trademark peroxide blonde hair. © Michael Kooren / Reuters

The trial of right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders started Friday for inciting hatred and discrimination against the Dutch Moroccan minority.

Wilders denies any wrongdoing, saying comments he made, which included referring to Morrocans as “scum”, are protected by his right to free speech.

Prosecutors said the case pits that right versus the right to be free from discrimination, according to Reuters.

“Freedom of expression is not absolute, it is paired with obligations and responsibilities, the responsibility not to set groups of people against each other,” said lead prosecutor Wouter Bos.

The controversial leader of the Party for Freedom (PPV) appeared relaxed in court with his famous ‘bottle blonde’ hair on display, posing for photographs before proceedings began.

Long before Donald Trump started scoring political points on the backs of Muslims, Wilders made a name for himself as an outrageous and offensive orator.
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