Jewish Supremacism

Controlled Mass Media Ignore and Cover up Jewish Racism

Imagine for a second if a state-funded organization in any African, Asian or European nation distributed flyers, posters, stickers and videos urging their citizens to stop having any sort of relationship with Jews because mixing with them presents a danger.

If any group, organization or government-linked body did any such thing, the Jewish Supremacist-controlled mass media would be hysterical, and would be inciting a military attack on any transgressing nation because they “represent a threat to humanity” etc. etc.

Yet in Israel, there are numerous examples of such overt anti-Gentile racism and activity—carried out by organizations such as Lehava (which is known to receive Israeli state funding through one of its affialiates—yet there is no mention of this behavior in the controlled mass media.

According to an article on the leftist Zionist 972 website, “Jewish anti-miscegenation groups  – Lehava and Yad L’Achim – have been actively operating to thwart contact between Jews and Arabs.”

The article continues:

Lehava, which runs a hotline encouraging callers to inform on Jewish-Arab couples, was reportedly behind a campaign to pressure Israel’s National Service Administration to stop allowing Israeli Jewish females to work night shifts in hospitals – presumably to make it more difficult for them to socialize with the Palestinian citizens of Israel with whom they work.

Yad L’Achim – whose mission is to fight “assimilation” (read: miscegenation) and whose slogan is, “We don’t give up on a single Jew” – claims to collect the identification cards of Jewish women seen socializing with Palestinians.

Both these organizations have posters circulating on the streets and in social media that are racist, sexist and offensive. Here is a flyer by Lehava spotted in Jerusalem that says in Hebrew and Arabic: “Don’t even dare to think about a Jewish woman!”


‘Don’t even dare to think about a Jewish woman!’ -Lehava poster in Jerusalem.
‘Don’t even dare to think about a Jewish woman!’ -Lehava poster in Jerusalem.
Yad L’Achim poster: ‘In a relationship with citizen belonging to an ethnic minority?’
Yad L’Achim poster: ‘In a relationship with citizen belonging to an ethnic minority?’

Yad L’Achim has a poster going around social media that reads: “In a relationship with citizen belonging to an ethnic minority?”

And below that: “You know it’s not it, but having fun in the meantime? Don’t waste your time! You are wasting the most beautiful years. Your life is not a game! Turn to Yad L’Achim’s 24-hour hotline now.”

The barcode in this flyer takes you to a video produced by Yad L’Achim which shows a Jewish Israeli woman telling other women about the dangers of dating an “Arab” – how they are obsessive, and take over your life, and she implies that all Arab men abuse Jewish women verbally and physically.

The last message of the video is: “You deserve one of us.”

These same Jewish Supremacists would be up in arms if anybody else on earth had to issue material calling on non-Jews to avoid mixing with Jews, and claiming that anyone mixing with a Jew is “wasting the best years of their life.”

As usual, it is one rule for Jewish Supremacists, and another for the hated Goyim.