Jewish Supremacism

Can Science Explain Why Jewish Supremacists Behave the Way they Do?

One of the most important questions facing anyone who studies the psychology behind Jewish Supremacism is “why” – why do Jewish Supremacists behave the way they do?


What motivates such a cohesive, strongly-motivated, genetically-isolated, supremacist group of people, who actually appear to believe that they have been appointed by God to rule over all other people on earth?

Part of the answer, at least, may have been provided by a new study conducted by geneticists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This ground-breaking study has shown that variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases than non-Jews.

According to the  Concise Medical Dictionary issued by the  Oxford University Press, 2010, schizophrenia is officially defined as a “mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by impaired emotional responses. Common symptoms include delusions, such as paranoid beliefs and hallucinations.”

If ever there was a “delusion”, “paranoid belief” and a “hallucination” on a massive scale, then it has to be the Jewish Supremacist belief that they have been appointed by God to bring “Tikkun olam” (a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world”, commonly used by Jewish extremists in explain their mission to earth) to rule over all other people.

According to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz titledScientists Discover Gene that Predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to Schizophrenia the story found that “Variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases.”

It continued:

“Israeli and American scientists have discovered a gene among Ashkenazi Jews that increases their chances of developing the mental disorder schizophrenia, as well schizoaffective disorder and manic depression.

“According to a study recently published in Nature Communications, the gene in question raises Ashkenazi Jews’ chances of experiencing the disorders by roughly 40%, and by 15% in the general population.

“The study was conducted by Professor Ariel Darvasi, assistant dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in coordination with Dr. Todd Lencz from The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in New York. The first portion of the study included the largest-ever sample group of Ashkenazi Jews ever researched. Of the 2,500 Ashkenazi Jews from Israel who contributed DNA samples for the study, 1,500 were healthy, while 1,000 were affected by mental disorders related to schizophrenia.”

The article then goes on to (inadvertently) detail the genetic basis of Judaism (contradicting other claims which say that Ashkenazi Jews are “Khazars”—a favorite distraction of people who do not know all the DNA evidence) by saying:

“The reason for choosing Ashkenazi Jews as the subject for the study, of all groups available, is rooted in the fact that Ashkenazi Jews are considered to be a an especially homogenous group, in terms of genetics.

“The limited genetic variation among Ashkenazi Jews allows for easy identification of differences between healthy and affected individuals. Professor Darvasi has studied Ashkenazi Jews for many years and employed the latest technology available to analyze the DNA samples he received for the study.

“Current technology allows for very comprehensive DNA analysis and the ability to read millions of SNP points – basically, links in the DNA chain – at the same time, which makes for very effective scanning of DNA,” Darvasi told Haaretz.

“During the first part of the study, the scientists checked for the prevalence of the NDST3 gene, which exists in 99.9% of the population. ‘But there are two specific variations of it that stand out among those with these disorders,’ Darvasi said.

“The results of the study found that Ashkenazi Jews who have the variations are 40 percent more likely to contract a schizophrenia-related disorder than those without it.”

Significantly, the article continued, checking the samples collected from Ashkenazi Jews was only the first part of the experiment. Following the compilation of thee results, the scientists began the second stage – a more comprehensive examination of other population groups.

“After we saw that the first sample was relevant, we continued to investigate the connection between the gene and the diseases among other populations from around the world. In the end, samples from over 25,000 people were checked, including people from Europe, Asia and Africa – which basically covers all the primary ethnicities of the human race,” explained Darvasi.

The larger sample group also found a correlation between schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and manic depression and the prevalence of the NDST3 gene, although the numbers were lower.

“In terms of the larger sample group, the prevalence of that same gene increased the chances of contracting the diseases by 15% on average, in the other populations that were studied,” said Darvasi.

Does this new study show that Jewish Supremacist behavior is in fact genetic in origin?

Does it show that Jewish Supremacy is in fact a psychological condition, rather than a cultural phenomenon?

The evidence, ironically provided by Jewish sources, would seem to indicate so.