Call the Cops — Students are Thinking for Themselves!

The stately University of Toronto, now a place of naked supression of freedom of speech an thought and prison for those who dare to disagree

Call the Cops; Students Are Thinking for Themselves

Call the cops. Some students are thinking for themselves. The intellectual poverty and the atmosphere if ideological indoctrination that are sinking Canadian universities is demonstrated in the following story. “The University of Toronto is condemning the perpetrators of an anti-Semitic brochure campaign that has touched all three U of T campuses and is taking action to limit its spread.

The brochure, entitled Jewish Supremacism Unmasked, was discovered this week at U of T’s St. George, Scarborough and Mississauga campuses, as well as at York and Ryerson Universities … ‘The University of Toronto condemns hatred in all its guises,’ said Professor David Farrar, deputy provost and vice-provost (students). ‘U of T, with all its diversity, is a place of tolerance and a place where ideas are debated and discussed but when pure hatred rears its head we must work to counteract it.’ The university has notified the University of Toronto Police Service and U of T staff members are removing the brochures from all campus locations where they are spotted. University staff is also working closely with the Wolfond Centre for Campus Jewish Life to minimize the hurt caused by the propaganda. ‘We take this matter very seriously,’ said Farrar. ‘The University of Toronto Police Service is aware of the matter and the Toronto police are investigating. We will co-operate with them fully. We also want to assure our students that there is support available to them in coping with the naked hatred these brochures displayed. ….We hope no member of our U of T community would stoop so low as to distribute anti-Semitic literature, but if that is the case, we will take swift and appropriate action,’ he said. ” (The News, University of Toronto, Nov. 4, 2005)

So, some students are handing out a leaflet discussing the very major control exercised by some Jews in North American society. Rather than discussing the issue or debating it, the authorities – and, remember, this is an institute of supposed higher learning — do what? They call the campus police; they call the Metropolitan Toronto Police. Professor David Farrar, vice-provost of the university and clearly a man with no sense of irony, proclaims the university as a stronghold of “diversity” and “tolerance” and then calls in the police to help suppress divergent ideas, and then threatens “swift and appropriate action” should the freethinkers be found. You’ll note that the leaflets are condemned as “hatred” without any debate or discussion. So wimpy has even a university become that students are promised “support” should they be too upset by the ideas in the leaflets. What ever happened to a student forming his own ideas and being able to analyze a new point of view and get up on his own hind legs to argue accept or rebut it? Not today, hand holders, crisis counselors and grief advisors to the rescue! We understand at least one campus library was shut down for a period of time while staff censors scoured library books for the pamphlets.

One of the students involved in the leafleting campaign sent out the following statement: “I and a small group of my fellow students have dared to distribute a little piece of paper that dares to expose Jewish supremacism. In it we dare to quote from outspoken, former American elected official, Dr. David Duke, who has written a book called Jewish Supremacism. … Jewish Supremacism is not an anti-Semitic book. In fact, it is dedicated to a Jew, the late Dr. Israel Shahak, a survivor of the concentration camps during WWII and a leader of the Israeli Peace Movement. People can read parts of the book for themselves on Dr. Duke’s website, www.davidduke.com, and see clearly that it is not anti-Semitic but simply opposes the extremist Jewish supremacism that drives the Israeli state and its supporters around the world. Merely calling someone anti-Semitic doesn’t make it so. At the University of Toronto we are free. We have free speech. We are free to expose and condemn White people for mistreatment of Indians, for White Colonialism around the world. We are free to accuse White people and the White establishment of racism real and imagined. … We can do these things without threat of being expelled from the university, without the possibility of the police coming and getting us in the middle of the night and throwing us into jail for months or years.

But, if we dare to expose elements of Jewish supremacism, for instance the Jewish supremacism that exists in Israel and that is being advanced by extremist Jews around the world who support the extremist Jewish state, we will find ourselves the criminal. Expose the open anti-Gentile, anti-Christian hatred of extremist Jews in Canada or the United States and we may well find ourselves charged with hatred and face expulsion and even years of imprisonment! Why is it that exposing elements of racial or religious hatred among extremist Christians deserves praise but exposing it among Jews deserves jail?”