ADL calls for Imprisonment of Ukraine Academics

ADL Seeks Closure of Largest University in Ukraine and imprisonment of hundreds of Academics

(left) ADL director Abraham Foxman with his close friend, the mass murderer Ariel Sharon. The ADL masquerades as a human rights organization while it supports the murderous and oppressive policies of Israel and Jewish supremacism. Meanwhile, it seeks to imprison in modern day Gulags any academic criticism of Israel or Jewish supremacism

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the radical, pro-Likud, Jewish Supremacist organization that masquerades as a human rights group, has demanded the imprisonment of the academics who lead the largest University in Ukraine. These Jewish supremacists have even gone so far as to demand that the univeristy degrees of thousands of graduates be revoked.

In a statement released December 2, the ADL has demanded that the University President, Georgy Tschokin and other University academics in the MAUP University system (among whom are some of the most distinguished in Ukraine), be arrested and imprisoned for expressing anti-Zionist viewpoints that the ADL labels as “anti-Semitism.” They have also demanded the shutting down of the university and revoking of the university degrees of hundreds of thousands of graduates of the University system, although they admit that the university is a “bona fide” university with high accreditation. The ADL tome also attacks Dr. David Duke who lectures there and recently earned his doctorate in history at the university. The ADL calls for:

* Invoking anti-incitement laws against Tschokin and his colleagues
* The Education Ministry revoking recognition of MAUP diplomas

The ADL statement admits:

At the same time, MAUP is a bona fide university – its English name is the Interregional Academy for Personnel Management – accredited by Ukraine’s Ministry of Education, with more than 50,000 students enrolled at campuses in various locations. Business, political science and agriculture are among the subjects taught.

The MAUP system is the largest most important university in Ukraine, with over 50,000 students, a sprawling central campus in Kiev and 24 regional campuses. It has educated more government officials, diplomats and administrators than any other university and has the highest academic accreditation Ukraine provides as well as recognition from UNESCO and a number of international bodies of university accreditation. Its academic excellence has never been called into question and its professors are some of the most published and respected academics in all of Eastern Europe and around the world in many fields of study.

Here are pictures of David Duke teaching in Ukraine on the ADL website — the ADL points out the name of Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz on the chalkboard. In fact, Dr. Duke was showing Zionist suppression of freedom by quoting from an Ha’aretz article saying that Israel demanded that Ukraine deny the democratic rights of the university president, Dr. Tschokin, to run for Parliament.

To call for the revoking of all the degrees awarded by the university to hundreds of thousands of graduates and the imprisonment of hundreds of professors for their research and writing on Zionism is a perfect example of the extremism promoted by the ADL. The ADL also in tortured translation says that Dr. Tschokin supports the supposed Iranian call for the destruction of Israel. It conveniently left out the fact that Dr. Tschokin simply pointed out that the Iranian president did not say that he or Iran would destroy Israel but that Israel would be destroyed by God. That’s very similar to what many mainstream evangelicals say in the United States. President Schokin has never called for violence or any attacks on Jewish people and in fact has readily and forcibly condemned such things. It is Israel that is the source of the world’s worst terror and bloodshed he says. It is Israeli partisans and Jewish extremists who pushed America into the Iraq War and foment what they call the “clash of civilizations.”

The ADL defines “anti-Semitism” as any serious criticism of the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, a nation that has violated over 200 United Nation’s resolutions. It ignores the fact that Zionists have stolen the land, homes, businesses and farms of over 1,000,000 Palestinians, have held over 2,500,000 Palestinians in a brutal occupation for over 37 years, have routinely bombed Palestinian neighborhoods, apartment buildings, refugee camps; have imprisoned and tortured thousands of Palestinians every year and have sent murder teams around the world to assassinate its opponents and critics. Israel has also defied the world in building massive stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

Anti-Semitism is also defined by the ADL as criticizing the extremely racist, anti-Gentile teachings of radical Jewish fundamentalism. One of the complaints of the ADL is that:

MAUP’s anti-Semitic activities can be traced back to at least 2002. MAUP’s leading figures have been at the root of attempts to bar Jewish organizations in Ukraine and, more recently, a call to ban “The Tanya”, a classic work of Hassidic Jewish literature, on the grounds that it promotes racism against non-Jews.

Jewish organizations have attempted to ban books and publications critical of Jewish supremacism and Israel. They have been calling for the imprisonment of academics who criticize Zionism. MAUP, in response, simply pointed out that many Jewish educational institutions teach a virulent ethnic hatred against Gentiles and demanded that numerous works of virulent anti-Gentile hatred should be banned. A fair-minded reading of the Tanya and extensive sections of the Talmud will reveal an extreme anti-Gentile hatred. Jewish fundamentalism for instance teaches that non-Jews are “supernal refuse “and that Gentiles should not even be considered or treated as human beings.

Some Talmudic injunctions teach murderous and hateful injunctions such as “The best of the Gentiles should be killed, just as the best of snakes should have its head crushed.” Even the respected Jewish Encyclopedia admits this Talmudic proscription by the one of the major sages of the Talmud, Rabbi Simeon. MAUP academics for instance point out the significant support in Israel for Baruch Goldstein who murdered 29 Palestinians as they knelt in prayer. Israeli fundamentalists have justified his mass murder and made a shrine of his grave. Exposing these currents of institutionalized Jewish extremism is in the eyes of the ADL, “anti-Semitism.” Of course, exposing examples of Gentile intolerance is never called anti-Gentilism.

MAUP President Dr. Tschokin as well as Dr. David Duke have pointed out that Israel is an extremist Jewish state today with mass murderer, Ariel Sharon as its Prime Minister. Even an Israeli commission found Sharon responsible for the massacre of 1200 Palestinians at Sabre and Shatila.

Jewish supremacists are determined to stifle academic freedom and freedom of speech. More importantly, their hateful intolerance and extremism is shown how they seek Stalinist incarceration of Academics in a new gulag system meant to intimidate and stifle academic inquiry.

Unlike the ADL we are never afraid to link to their stories. We want you to compare. They never link because they are afraid if you read the material on www.davidduke.com you will find our arguments much more compelling. ADL article on Ukraine