Beyonce, the Superbowl, and how our society has been taken from us

Beyonce, the Superbowl, and how our society has been taken from us

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — I admit to having watched the Super Bowl, albeit DVR-delayed and between phone calls from clients. I skipped through the halftime show, not wanting to waste half an hour that could be more hygienically spent cleaning my toilet. However, various controversies forced me to watch at least parts of it, very much to my disgust.

The theme of the halftime show was set by Beyonce’s new song “Formation,” which was performed as a tribute to the Black Panthers and Malcolm X. I am sure that the mostly white Army troops in Afghanistan who were featured during Zio-slut Lady Gaga’s singing of the National Anthem were delighted to know that they were placing their lives on the line in order to protect the freedom of the Zio-media and their well paid prostitutes to promote explicitly anti-white heroes. Thank you for your service!

Still, the halftime show audience was treated to only a portion of Beyonce’s new song/video. The full version includes the following line:

When he f**k me good I take his ass to Red Lobster

She repeats this line in her video to make sure everyone gets it. And for the hard of hearing, she displays two middle finger salutes in front of her face.


So what has been the reaction? Well, Red Lobster’s sales are up 33%. I don’t know if she was paid the way Madison Avenue whore and part-time quarterback Payton Manning was paid two spew at every post-game interview that he was going to go “drink a lot of Budweiser.”

It is this type of anti-white and overtly sexual content that has led the music industry to bestow every kind of award on Beyonce, including three Kid’s Choice awards. And what better role model. For the children.

This really goes way beyond Beyonce or rap or the Super Bowl. We have to wake up to the fact that practically every institution of our society and our culture has been taken over by Zionists who are brainwashing the entire population with degeneracy and anti-white ideas. Government, finance, media, education, sports — you name it. We need to stand up and start talking freely, or we will be subsumed in a degenerate, dysfunctional, war-ravaged hell.