Ban the Confederate Flag? If so you will have to ban the far more racist Old Testament which defends Slavery and even Genoide!

Dr. Duke continued the discussion of the Confederate flag issue. While the flag may just be a symbol, what it represents to its supporters is not slavery or supremacism, but honor and liberty, and banning it can be seen as an attack on liberty itself. Moreover, this attack comes in a context of Europeans being marginalized and replaced as the majority population in the United States against their will as part of a Jewish supremacist drive for world domination. It also comes amidst a backdrop of a false narrative of violent whites victimizing blacks, whereas actual FBI crime statistics show that whites are far more likely to be the victims of cross racial crime.


Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed the causes for the increase in mass murder events over the past few decades. The explanatory variable cannot be the diffusion of guns, as gun ownership has always been high. A more likely explanation would be the much sicker and more graphic images of violence, torture, and sex that have permeated the media over the past 50 years, as Jewish media moguls, secure in their domination of the industry, have pushed the envelope on decency and traditional morality.

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