As Syria’s Assad Advances, Zionist Supremacists Seek to Prolong War and Bloodshed

The capture of most of the “rebel” stronghold city of Homs yesterday by Syrian government forces has brought president Bashar al-Assad one step closer to victory in the conflict—but the Zionist Supremacists who run the US government have already started supplying his enemies with weapons in a deliberate attempt to prolong the bloodshed and kill even more people.


Even though the “rebels” are now largely driven by mysterious extremists drawn from all over the world, the Zionist-controlled US government has started shipping arms to them, a report in the Guardian newspaper has revealed.

“The CIA could begin shipping arms to Syria in the coming weeks, after two US congressional panels cleared the way for the controversial transfer of weapons,” the newspaper said.

“The White House announced in June that it would provide limited military support for vetted rebel groups, which have recently been struggling in their campaign against President Bashar al-Assad.

“Republicans and Democrats on the House and Senate intelligence committees have expressed concerns that arms could end up in the hands of Islamist militants fighting in the region – or not do enough to tip the balance in the civil war.”

“The timeline for the weapons transfer is unclear, but reports suggest the process could take place over the next several weeks. Syrian opposition groups have said publicly they hope they will begin receiving the deliveries in August.”

A top US military officer warned senators that taking military action to stop the bloodshed in Syria was likely to escalate quickly and result in “unintended consequences”.

Alluding to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said that once the US became embroiled militarily in the Syrian civil war, “deeper involvement is hard to avoid”.

An earlier report in the Jewish Press however, revealed the true Zionist motive behind the interference in Syria.

The Jewish Press article, titled “Syrian Civil War and Egyptian Coup a Boost to Israel” said that the “longer the war goes on” it is in Israel’s interests and it “doesn’t damage Israeli national security.

“It should be equally clear, however, that in the end Israel wants the rebels to win,” the Jewish Press article continued.

“Syria’s regime is supported by Hizballah, Iran, and the Assad government. These are the greater of the two evils,” the article, written by professor Barry Rubin,  director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal,  said.

In other words, the Zionists seek to prolong and extend the war, which will result in even more lives being lost, because the on going conflict will weaken Syria, one of Israel’s strongest opponents in the Middle East.

The supply of arms to Syria is even directly contrary to American interests, as outlined by General Dempsey.

The only reason for US arms being shipped to Syrian “rebels” is not out of a concern to halt the bloodshed, but actually to increase it—all in Israel’s interests once again.