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The Masters of World Slavery! The Truth Now Censored!

Here is a new full length update of the “Jewish Role in Slavery” video, now titled The Masters of World Slavery! Much cleaner and complete than the last two part series. One Jewish newsletter in Poland called my first version of this video “the most damaging and evil anti-Semitic film ever made!”

Of course the film is not anti-Semitic at all, in fact, it proves that the Zionist-dominated media has been extremely ANTI-GENTILE for decades washing Europeans in guilt for the Slave Trade when they were the actual Champions in this vile practice for the last 2,000 years!

Of course, they needed to do this in Europe and America, as they were busy trying to replace the elite in European nations with a new Jewish elite. Anything they could do bring on self-hatred and

This one film is so revealing and shocking that it can change someone’s entire view of Jewish History in just 18 minutes. It reveals their role in Slavery and also their casting of guilt on everyone but themselves for their pernicious role in Slavery for 2,000 years!

You will have to see the old version because the new version is NOW CENSORED!