Jewish Supremacism

A State within a State: Why do Jews in New York Object to Conscription in Israel?

harediThe Jewish Supremacist claim that there is no “dual loyalty” among Jews living in America (or any other nation) and Israel has been exposed as a lie once again with a mass rally of orthodox Jews in New York—against conscription in Israel!

If there was no “dual loyalty”—or, more accurately, single loyalty—then why on earth would conscription in Israel cause a hundred thousand Jews to take part in an “anti-conscription” protest in America, on the other side of the globe?

Would, for example, Catholics in Buenos Aries turn out to protest conscription in Austria?

Would Anglicans in Australia turn out to protest conscription in Britain?

Would Lutherans in America turn out to protest conscription in Germany?

So why do orthodox Jews turn out to protest conscription in Israel?  The only possible reason for this behavior can be that their true loyalty—the place they really regard as “home”—is to Israel, and not to the host nation upon which they have fastened themselves.

According to an article in the Israel Ynetnews Service, some 100,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews took part in a mass rally in Manhattan’s Foley Square to protest Israel’s plan to conscript haredim (orthodox Jews) to the Israeli Defense Force. A march held prior to the protest drew tens of thousands of yeshiva students who wore baggy clothes.

Some 2,000 rabbis sat on special platform and 300 NYPD policemen secured the event.

The event was also broadcast live “giving other Satmar Hasidim the chance to participate from afar” YnetNews said, meaning that it was not just New York Jews who participated in the protest.

Since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, many Haredi, orthodox Jews have refused to serve in the Israeli military for religious reasons.

Typically, they study Torah in Yeshivas, and as such are legally exempt from military service.

Recently, the Israeli government has decided to abolish this special privilege granted to the ultra religious Jews, and started conscripting them into the army.

If Jews living in New York were truly “American” then this change in law would surely not affect them to this degree—but it does, and as such, reveals conclusively that they have a single loyalty—to Israel and themselves, above all others.