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Dr. Duke Proves the Connection between the Manchester Massacre and the Zionist Deep State!


Today Dr. Duke linked the suicide bombing in Manchester, England, with the Zionist deep state. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Manchester bombing, and it certainly fits well with their methods and objectives. Yet ISIS is very much a creation of the Zionist deep state, and not simply unintended blowback from misguided U.S. foreign policy.

As evidence, Dr. Duke cited video documentary produced by Jewish reporters at the British newspaper The Daily Mail, which followed Israeli military medics as they treated ISIS fighters and sent them back to fight in Syria. He cited the weapons shipments by Hillary, Obama, and Biden to Saudi Arabia, despite their knowledge that these would get into the hands of ISIS. And he cited the pronouncement former Israeli Defense Minister Yaalon that ISIS apologized to Israel for once having accidentally attacked Israeli forces. Don Advo also joined the show.

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