Human Diversity

Media incitement of hatred against whites continues

Today Dr. Duke discussed the recent apparent suicide of an African American women who was in jail charged with abusing an officer at a traffic stop. It is the latest of a string of well-publicized cases involving African Americans and police. Dr. Duke, while acknowledging the existence of  policing problems, brought up a number of other cases when whites were victims and/or blacks were perpetrators where there was no coverage in the press.


He and Dr. Slattery discussed the selective presentation of tragedies by the Zio media in such a way as to produce a completely false narrative of systematic violence against blacks by whites and to incite blacks to hatred against whites. Because of the Jewish domination of the media and the fact that whites alone are not allowed to organize or even speak out for their particular ethnic interests, the political system in the United States fails to function for its majority population, which ultimately has adverse impacts on all Americans.

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