Wolf of Wall Street Article in Jewish Journal Doesn’t Fool Anyone

This was a comment below the Wolf of Wall Street article from the Jewish Journal. The person who posted the article, one Gubbler Chechenova, certainly sounds like someone who has been listening to the David Duke Show. Many of the points he made and sources he used have been voiced repeatedly on our show, and it is gratifying not only to hear them echoed but to have them incorporated into a well-thought out analysis. — Dr. Patrick Slattery

<<He is a kid from Long Island. His dad, Max, grew up “in the old Jewish Bronx, in the smoldering economic ashes of the Great Depression.” Belfort didn’t grow up poor by any means, he just wasn’t rich enough. The hole in him wasn’t from poverty, but from desire for acceptance. The “blue-blooded WASPs,” Belfort writes, “viewed me as a young Jewish circus attraction.”

Belfort had a chip on his shoulder the size of a polo pony, and so did everyone he recruited. They were, he writes, “the most savage young Jews anywhere on Long Island: the towns of Jericho and Syosset. It was from out of the very marrow of these two upper-middle-class Jewish ghettos that the bulk of my first hundred Strattonites had come….”>>


Nice try, but you’re passing off the same philosemitic canard employed by Social Network, i.e. Jewish nastiness is essentially a reaction to wasp discrimination and snubbing. It’s just another way of excusing or at least rationalizing Jewish behavior by contextualizing their behavior as an overreaction to wrongs done to Jews.

But plenty of other non-wasp groups were snubbed by wasps, but they didn’t produce the kind of nasty financial characters that the Jewish community did. Given the mess in 2008, it’s disingenuous to say Madoff and Belfort were just a few exceptions. And consider the mass robbery carried out in Russia in the 90s–with the help of American Jews. Consider how Soros made his billions.

The fact is even Jews who grew up fully accepted–and even revered–by wasps have often acted like Belfort. Today, Jews have the most power and privilege in this country–to the point where every politician of both parties grovels before AIPAC–, but it seems like Jews who grew up with all this love and attention are no better than the Belforts and Madoffs.

That said, this article is to be lauded for pointing out that Scorsese sidestepped the issue of Belfort’s Jewishness. It was out of FEAR as the mass media–dominated by Jews–and financial institutions(Hollywood is both rolled into one)will destroy anyone with a whiff of ‘antisemitism’, which today can be even the slightest criticism oh Jewish wrongs. Without criticism, power just grows more arrogant and corrupt. Wasp power reformed itself under criticism from others and from within. But Jewish power–the most powerful power in America, therefore the world–is not allowed to be criticized, and Jews–even the writer of this article in his own way–find clever ways to rationalize or sidestep the Jewish problem as mere reaction to wrongs done to Jews. To quote the article:

It’d be like Italian-Americans complaining that they got into crime because some rich wasp didn’t want their daughter to marry a garlic eater. Godfather II suggested as much with the nasty character of the wasp senator. But the more honest Goodfellas showed that Italian-Americans joined the mob cuz they wanted easy money and a good time.

The Jewish problem will not go away even if every country club and ever wasp vagina open up to Jews. If anything, it will get worse as Jews will think they are the best and owed respect and admiration by everyone. Contrary to Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg did not have a chip on his shoulder in real life but he pulled dirty tricks on his road to wealth and power. But the devious Sorkin spun the story to make Zuckerberg’s nastiness as merely a reaction to wasps who snubbed him at Harvard, which is a laugh since Jews have been the insiders at Harvard for several decades now. If anything, Jews have been excluding white gentiles in favor of more Jews.

PS. Didn’t Jewish clubs exclude non-Jews? I mean how many Jewish clubs accepted blacks, Asians, Muslims, and Mexicans? Wasn’t even Michael Jordan denied admission to a Jewish golf club? And if Jews have been for social justice, why did they want to join an exclusive blue blood club to in the first place? Looks like Jews want to have the cake and eat it too. They wanna be the ultimate insiders(and now they are) but still act like they’re poor poor outsiders whose nastiness is just a reaction to ‘blue blood’ snobbery. Gimme a break.