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New Duke Video — Riots and Race in the Once Great Britain!

The British people and the world are shocked by the riots that have ravaged the country.

As this video shows, I predicted all this way back in 1978 when I traveled to Britain and warned the British people on national television that they still had the chance to avoid the racial riots and strife of the United States, but only if they stopped the massive immigration pouring into their nation!

The politicians sold them out and now they are reaping the whirlwind, but with shifting demographics the riots of Britain can only get worse. The same horrific conditions are on the way to every European homeland as well as Canada, the United States. Australia and New Zealand.

Watch this emotional powerful film that has the ability to wake up millions of our people if only they get to see it, but that is up to you! I have done my part, now need your help to reach our people.

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